I posted on perfect Instagram time and guess what? The change was quite evident. Where my Friday post hardly reached 20 likes and download instagram stories, the Saturday one went up to 50. Although this might not seem much but for a beginner, it is a great motivational factor. So you see, it is really true.


It took me almost 2-3 days to decipher the best timings. Almost every other post had different timings. However, I had to collect the ones which had similar timings on some days. Once I had gone through almost 5-6 pages of Google, reading through the stats, I found that the following timings were the most common in most of the articles that I read. So here are the best times to post on Instagram. I hope they work just as great for you, as they did for me too!

Further common stats showed that the highest concentration of Instagram audience is on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The least attention is usually on Mondays because it is the first day after weekend and people are usually busy settling themselves for the remaining week or completing some pending work. Just don't begin the blogging journey because you want instant money (lots of it) because this is a huge misconception. It takes years until your blog starts returning to you in the right way!

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