I used to pass by this fly-over bridge to and from work while still employed as a call-center agent. Very visible from the top was a triangular billboard structure designed to present one face to the traffic coming up and another face when going down. The advertisements were for a Christian FM station, judging from the exhortations, auspiciously encouraging people to listen to inspired music. Smaller boards were posted below the main signs, each of which contains a popular bible verse. One of these quotes was “Come unto me, all you heavily laden, and I will give you rest”. The other, which is the topic of this article, quotes “I am the Lord, creator of heaven and earth! Is anything too difficult for me?”

Computers, internet, and information technology were still not commonplace when I was studying, up to the time I graduated from Chemical Engineering. It was after so many years, and having had a string of employments, including three years as an overseas contract worker, that I first encountered this technological marvel. The monitors were still black/white/green screens and some programs had to be typed in, and floppy disks or diskettes were necessary.

Technical progress very quickly made the personal computer very manageable and relatively inexpensive. Meanwhile, I was beginning to approach my silver years, financially challenged and in unemployed hiatus for quite a number of years. My back was on the wall! That was when I took notice of the recent upstart industry termed Call Center. The requirements seem to fit me: good English communication skills, able to work nights, and can get along well with others. Within six months I got employed, as technical support agent for an outsourced line of business that provides internet service in the United States.

Truthfully, during each night of the two-weeks training sessions, it seemed to me as if a whole mass of new and unfamiliar data were thrown at me, only to be appended by another huge mass the following evening. A genuine “nosebleed”! It was almost a relief to finish the lessons and go to the production area. This, however, proved to be the even bigger challenge, for I had to take actual calls of oftentimes irate clients complaining about internet connection problems.

I have come to like the atmosphere of working with young, smart, beautiful, outgoing, and sexy people. Inwardly, though, I was worried my performance was not up to standards, and I would soon be a requested to leave. It happened as my fifth month rolled in – a notice of termination was handed to me by my team leader.

There was still a process it had to pass through before a decision on my case would be finalized, foremost of which was an interview with the Human Resources manager, yet to be scheduled some time later. Heavyhearted and depressed on my way home that early morning; I unintentionally glanced at that verse I so often read arbitrarily before:

“I am the Lord, creator of heaven and earth! Is anything too difficult for me?”

It must have been a beam of light, or a flash of lightning, that struck my disoriented mind, and I stared at that sign until it vanished from sight. “Is anything too difficult to ask from the creator of everything?”, was the thought that kept popping up in my brain. Certainly none! I do not know if it is considered a prayer but I did silently wished for Divine control.

I was composed and untroubled reporting for work that night, calmly accepting of whatever development was in store for me, and actually already prepared to do the departmental clearances. The team leader, whose signature was on the notice she handed me two nights before, told me to log-in so I will not be late for my shift. Apparently, a consensus was reached that I was not doing so bad after all, and therefore deserving another chance.

I stayed on for more than a year until pension requirements compelled me to tender my resignation. For some reason, the more common farewell pleasantry I received was that I “would not be forgotten”. Even the Site manager wanted me to comeback should I be able to go around the Social Security policy.

The billboards have now been replaced with more gaudy advertisements, but without smaller boards or inspirational verses. Nevertheless, whenever I get to travel by that fly-over bridge again, or whenever I feel downcast or dispirited or despondent, I recall those powerful words that motivated me once, and are etched indelibly in my heart:

“I am the Lord, creator of heaven and earth! Is anything too difficult for me?”

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I retired a Chemical Engineer, became a call center agent, got fascinated with the computer and acquainted with home income possibilities; now working in internet marketing, partly as an associate, partly as a writer. I am responsible for attaining for a Search Engine Optimization client, the status of Expert Author on EzineArticles.