Ever since Fiverr.com appeared in the freelance world, there have been many attempts to copy or improve the winning recipe. Getting jobs done well for only a few bucks has shaken the freelance world and turned the industry on it’s head. Many critics will say that Fiverr has cheapened or commoditized the freelance worker.

However, the space is what it Is and Fiverr have made changes to their $5 pricing to allow for higher paid gigs. More recently they have added Fiverr Pro that allows them to compete with the other giant of the online workspace, Upwork. Price and quality both battle it out in the freelance world and while that battle is taking a place Inflnzr has snuck in under the radar is about to disrupt the Fiverrsphere that wasn’t expected.

While Fiverr, its copycats and Upwork offer a broad spectrum of tasks to match jobs Inflnzr is coming in to the arena with a more niche offering with some added features that will create an edge. Inflnzr believes that while it cannot take on the entire Fiverr pie and win, it can at least hijack one small piece and succeed.

Inflnzr.com doesn’t look and feel a great deal different to Fiverr or Upwork, if a format works well why bother changing it? But, while the process and the underlying thinking about the general use of the platform remain the same, the extra layer in the sign up creates a new market place that would struggle to fit in with the Fiverr model. The platform has almost as many tasks or gig types as Fiverr,but they are concentrated in the marketing and branding space.

The focus of Inflnzr is on freelance marketing professionals. Yes, there will be jobs and freelancers in the IT support and web development space, but they will be directed more towards companies in the marketing, events and branding space. Rather than a free space for all inflnzr allows for freelancers to specialize and for those looking for a freelance staff to able to find those with industry knowledge or at the very least, industry passion.

The inflnzr platform will accommodate bloggers, copywriters, graphic designers and other popular tasks that can be found on other freelancing platforms, but these roles will have a marketing and branding bent to them. Inlfnzr addresses the many challenges faced by agencies and companies looking for freelancers in the marketing and branding space.

The second core focus of and the key differentiator between inflnzr and other freelance job platforms is that if brand ambassadors. Finding Brand Ambassadors has its own unique challenges, and many of these issues boil down to the reliability of people, the looks of people and how good a person is at representing a brand. To find freelance brand ambassadors many companies turn the classified advertising platforms such as Craigslist or Gumtree, and these are often hugely unreliable.

Because of the key focus of Inflnzr, the sign up process has an in-depth size, weight and height matrix. Freelancers are required to complete their profile in more detail that other platforms and thus it makes choosing the ideal brand ambassador for an expo or tradeshow becomes a great deal easier. Furthermore, Inflnzr brand ambassadors will be rated and graded on their performance after a gig and those who are better will soon rise to the top.

Having the right brand ambassador is vital for any organization, one slip up and the entire brand can come into disrepute. While inflnzr cannot guarantee the perfect person for the role every time, the formula does improve the chances of finding the best person or people, much as Fiverr has proven to do so with some outstanding professionals offering their work for just $5.

Social media analytics and Metrics APIs will be added to all profiles for influencers aimed at specifically targeting micro-influencers. This technology produces information that adds value to freelancers on the platform and allows the right people to be found.

Inflnzr is very much a platform that introduces the best niche talent at lower costs to any company or organization that needs short term or longer term freelance staff in the marketing and branding space. As with Fiverr and Upwork, the business model around Inflnzr is centered around commission, and there are no joining fees. With a current focus on niche industries that include cosmetics and beauty, travel and tourism as business and technology the aim is to create a pool of freelancers with industry appropriate skills and expertise that can perform a multitude of marketing and branding related roles.

Inflnzr satisfies a niche demand for marketing related freelancers and outstanding brand ambassador’s worldwide. Focusing on a niche will ensure “buyers” get the best freelancer at a great rate and will increase the chances of “sellers” being selected to perform. Taking on the entire Fiverr.com space would be futile but finding a space where Fiverr.com and Upwork are restricted, ironing out the challenges and then delivering a polished solution is where Inflnzr will excel.

Because the platform will excel, it means those using it will thrive. Already freelancers and companies are signing up to use inflnzr, and the niche is working in their favour. Inflnzr operates in a space where there is little scope for chancers in an industry space where mediocracy is soon unearthed, and thus the platform will evolve into one known for quality at exceptional prices.

For freelancers who do specialize in the marketing or branding space, for those who are looking to specialize or are just passionate about the field Inflnzr is well worth signing up for. Likewise, if you are a company needing outstanding brand ambassadors or fired up freelancers with experience in the marketing and branding space, inflnzr is the ideal space to promote your next opportunity. And it is so easy… just visit http://inflnzr.com/

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