Finding out about an infidelity and deception by a love partner can be quite disheartening and a very painful experience. However, when one discovers about their partners unfaithfulness, they have two options, one is to leave the relationship and never look back or to seek help so as to be able to forgive that partner and continue to be in a relationship with them.

Psychologists have created a six step recovery process for cheating individuals who would wish to be forgiven by their partners and this has helped many partners to be able to move past the betrayal by their loved ones. These steps should involve both partners, the one who cheated and the one who was cheated on so as to be a success.

The first step is that the cheating partner should promise to end the affair and to immediately cease all form of communication with their lover. This assures the betrayed individual of some sort of safety and a sign that the other person is willing to make their relationship work with their partner. If by any chance an individual works with their lover, they should keep their meetings strictly business and make sure they tell their partners all that happens.

The second step should be that the cheating partner should be ready to answer any questions asked to them by their partners no matter how uncomfortable it may be. The individual should be completely honest with their partner because this is the only way that both parties will be able to heal and move past the affair. Psychologists always say that if the partners never discuss the affair then they will never recover from that affair.

The third step is that the cheating partner should empathize with the other party. They should be there for their partners when they have an emotional meltdown and assure them that this was a onetime mistake that would never be repeated.

Fourthly, when one cheats on their partner they ought to be ready to talk and listen no matter how long their partner talks. No one should speed up the healing process of their partner and no one should negate the implication of the unfaithfulness.

Also one should be ready to fully take responsibility by taking honest and sincere remorse. Be apologetic, even months and years after the infidelity.

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Coping with infidelity it can be tough. We suggest the two of you going to a couples therapist to try to get past it.