In real life, many families are impacted by infertility, which can make a difference in their lives and affect the harmony of a family. For women, they will not only lose their right to be mothers, but also suffer from physical damages.

The first factor of infertility is the female disease. Nowadays, many female friends are forming many bad living habits, which can easily induce female diseases. While they usually don't pay much attention to these problems at the first sight and miss the best chance to solve them.

In many cases, lesions in the fallopian tubes can lead to infertility, while the diseases usually occur in women who have given birth as well as women with pelvic inflammatory disease and endometriosis. These patients may be prone to fallopian tube blockage, resulting in infertility.

The second factor is related to the environment, which many women may not understand. In fact, in places where the air is seriously polluted for a long time, their body will be affected piece by piece. Whether male or female, physical quality can be affected in a polluted place. When the harm to the body becomes serious, infertility will occur.

Moreover, environmental factors can also easily affect woman's menstrual cycle. According to the clinical cases, the biggest impact is that ovulation disorders will occur, and then they cannot conceive normally. Therefore, the quality of the environment surely has a great impact on the body.

The third factor is that a person suffers from infectious disease. You know, many infectious diseases will cause damage to the bodies of both women and men. If they cannot be treated in a timely manner, the damage to the body will be aggravated and the fertility problems will come to the fore. Diseases like these may affect a woman's ovulation cycle while man's physical fitness may get declined, thus leading to infertility.

The fourth factor is related to men. Many men have bad living habits in their daily life, such as frequently smoking, drinking, staying up late and so on, which will not only affect man's physical health, but also affect the quality of sperm, thus leading to the appearance of male infertility. So when such a situation appears, problems related to men should be solved first.

The last factor is concerned with the body weight. A woman's body weight can affect the fertility. Being too fat or too thin can lead to ovulation disorders to some extent, thus affecting the ability to conceive. Besides, women may be deficient in flavonoids, which will affect the normal production of body hormones and then impact the fertility.

If you know what causes infertility, then you need to treat it correctly. Targeted medicine must be prescribed. So what are the treatments?

If it is caused by fallopian tube problems, it is better to undertake recuperation with traditional Chinese medicine. Herbal medicine Fuyan Pill is a nice choice, which can effectively treat the tubal blockage and other problems triggered by inflammation. Moreover, it can improve the immunity and self-healing ability, enabling female friends to own a better physical status to conceive naturally.

If it's a male problem, it's better to get rid of bad habits before the family plan. Keeping more good habits, eating more healthy food and doing more exercise are helpful for both men and women. In addition, if it's an infectious disease that needs to take the blame, like prostatitis, orchitis or epididymitis, etc, take active treatments, like herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.

Make sure both of you are under treatment to avoid the cross infection. Also, don't live in a bad and polluted place for a long time, and don't be exposed to radiation for a long time, so that your body won't be affected.

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