Indian restaurants are few and far that provides an awestruck experience. Sure, you can find the odd house odd curry here and there but if you want the really good stuff, there is only one place to go - BOMBAY DARBAR INDIAN RESTAURANT.

Bombay Darbar Indian restaurant, the best carving region where one can go to satisfy the craving. All the happiness depends on a leisurely food and Bombay Darbar Indian restaurant believes that it’s all about food that you crave. It’s a testament to the authenticity of the flavors and consistent quality of both the food and the service.

Bombaydarbar makes every efforts to ensure the accuracy of the taste, the master behind the menu is our team of expert chiefs from numerous locations who servers their taste at its best. Although each Bombaydarbar’s location is unique unto itself, the common threads that run through each of the passage are elegance, open space and a welcoming vibe. The aromatic palates of Chicken Tikka Masala with boneless chicken breast cooked in creamy tomato sauce will give u a pleasure like no other. A chilled soup with inventive seasonal pairing to stimulate the palate or a warm salad that allows transition from one season to the next creates an enticing and eye- catching menu. On trend our hearty salads that combine ancient grains with the sweetness of fresh fruit and the saltiness of shellfish as well as warm salads that includes Indian Dal and baby spinach dressed in delicate thyme; all keeping the wandering spring palate indulged.

If the night is clear, it’s hard to pass up a seat on the open-air patio under the star. Here you have your choice of roomy wicker and glass tables with cushioned chairs surrounded by manicured greenery. However, if air conditioned comfort is more your style, our ambiance is cool and cavernous with soaring ceilings, rich wooden floors and tables, and romantic candlelit tables.

One will find the reason behind the taste of Bombaydarbar in fort laduderdale i.e. their bona fide Indian Chiefs, which probably explains why the food tastes unarguably authentic. It may be a tad pricier than the average one but the Miami's Bombaydarbar is worth every rupiah if you are craving for genuine Indian food made with only the highest quality ingredients and attention to details.

Maintaining creativity in a menu often requires an element of the unexpected and that’s what we do!

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