Cold Storage – Beyond Time and Distance
Keeping perishable goods in the right temperatures is crucial for them to remain fresh till they reach the end user. Here comes the need for cold storage industries that store perishable items in their real forms.
Cold storage industries have made lives easy for both the farmers, and consumers and the health fraternity as well.
In fact, humans have always experimented with cold storage with the available resources to keep food fresh during the warmer days. Its history is quite interesting and dates to around 3700 years when harvested ice from the winter months was used to provide cold storage to foods during the warmer months of the year. In fact, the first recorded icehouse was built in Syria.
Gradually, electric refrigeration surfaced and with time inventions in refrigeration began to replace the previous ones. And in no time, it was possible to store food, drinks, meat, fish, and many other perishable items for future use. Medicines also began to be stored. Before one could bat an eyelid, transportation of such items became possible to different parts of a country and they were also shipped to different parts of the world!
Cold storage has indeed changed the way world functions now. It has become an integral part of our lives. With each passing day, its need is becoming more pronounced. Cold storages have broken all the shackles of time and distance. There is nothing in the world that people in one corner of the globe cannot have form the other corner. From ice-harvesting to energy saving and cost-effective cold storages, mankind has come a long way in the cold storage sector.
Scientists in every country, including India, are researching on further developing the cold storage and warehouse industries with use of hi-tech while also focusing on sustainable development.
The government of India recently decided to geotag warehouses, cold storages, and refrigerated vans to keep a track of the real time location and space availability.
Post-Covid-19, the cold storage industries are expected to grow even more as part of the new normal and if the farm laws that propose to corporatize agriculture succeed the demand for cold storages will further go up. As it is the cold storages have pepped up their services ever since the advent of Covid-19 vaccine.
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