The Wonder That Is the Indian Golden Triangle Tour

Do not wonder at the self-aggrandising name that this particular tourism route of India’s three premier Northern cities go by! There could not have been a more apt name for a trip of Delhi, Jaipur and Agra. Every tourist will realize this with dazed contentment once they have been to all these cities.

Steeped in history riding side by side with modernity, narrow ancient by-lanes competing with world-class highways, street food right outside lavish hotels, this terrific trio can take away the collective breaths of the best-heeled global traveller yet.

The Golden Triangle Tour India begin from Delhi, which is the capital city of this amazing melting pot of a country called India. One can choose to visit Agra, and then culminate with Jaipur, or the other way round. They are very well connected by air, road and railways. The three cities lie roughly at distances of 200-250 km from each other, thus giving the impression of a triangle.

And golden this triangle certainly is! A veritable treasure trove of experiences that is sure to bombard all senses in unison. The sights, sounds, tastes, colour and majesty of ancient history thriving harmoniously alongside modernity is what makes the whole experience unforgettable for tourists. It also takes care of the everlasting Indian-tourism conundrum – where does one begin, what one sees, what does one leave out – to some extent.


The throbbing capital city of India, Delhi is known for its sprawling bazaars, heritage monuments, and array of delicious street foods. One can visit temples of intricate craftsmanship here at Akshardham, witness mute history unfold before one’s eyes at Humayun’s Tomb, or relive some vestiges of India’s not-so-distant colonial past at the Parliament building. Mahatma Gandhi, the apostle of peace and nonviolence, has his last resting place at Delhi at Rajghat. It is a venerated site for many tourists.

Moreover, there is always Chandni Chowk, the ancient bazaar of Delhi, famous for its street food as much for its dry fruit market. Red Fort, the last bastion of the Mughals, the beautifully manicured gardens of Delhi, the triumphal arch of India Gate, there are really too many sights and sounds to count here.


Every tourist worth his/her money knows about the Taj Mahal, one of the most beautiful monuments in the world, an ode to love too. One can simply speak a lot about its many features and go on about the marble dome with intricate craftsmanship of thousands of workers.

One of the places less spoken about but stunningly wondrous places near Agra is Fatehpur Sikri, where one sees a marvellous cluster of red sandstone and marble structures, each telling a story of its own. While here, a visit to the silent and strong Agra Fort is a must too.

Akbar, one of the greatest Mughal emperors who ruled India, has his ornate tomb in the city of Sikandra, about 10 km from Agra. Every bit of the Agra leg of the tour is bound to be a lesson in heritage and history.


In what is a glorious rounding up of the Golden Triangle, Jaipur awaits to satiate all senses for the tourists. The city is called the ‘Pink City’ because most of its old monuments are in pink stone. It is a city of palaces and forts, both dotting the landscape in equal measure. Many palaces have since been converted into heritage The Hawa Mahal and City Palace are synonymous with the imagery of Jaipur.

A testimony to the valour of the Rajputs who reigned here, the food and attire reflect their love for colour and passion. Markets are full of brightly coloured fabric. One can never have enough of the history here, nor of shopping for handicrafts and handlooms. Savour local cuisine in all its glory at the local bazaars while you ponder upon the bygone days.

The Golden Triangle tours are run and organized by multiple well-known operators. The beauty of these tours is that one can always customize them according to one’s tastes and preferences. Choose in what way you want to remember this trip. Indulge your senses with photography tours, heritage walks, food trails and more. History and heritage awaits you here.

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Golden Triangle Tour is the most popular tourist circuit in India. This incredible Golden Triangle Tour Itinerary comprising the three famous cities of India-Delhi, Agra and Jaipur having grandeur, glory & history.