Surrogacy has come as an alternative to all those couples who have been unable to conceive even after years of efforts and treatments and in no time this has become popular amongst people from every aspect of the Society. Still people in the western countries need to think a lot before going for the same due to its high cost factor and legal implications.

However, this doesn’t mean that people don’t have any alternatives to it. India has emerged one of the best places in the recent years for all the people seeking surrogacy. If we talk about the legal aspect, the protection is provided here for the intended parents. On the financial end, it is far more affordable than rest of the countries in terms of payment for the surrogate mother, her medical care, and Accommodation expenses of the Intended parents.

Benefits of Surrogacy in India

-If we talk about the Affordability factor, surrogacy in India costs around $12,000 including the cost of the surrogate, and related medical expenses. This is around 1/6th of the total cost in terms of US and other Western countries.

-About the legal aspect, laws in India provide total protection to the intended parents without granting any rights to the surrogate parents.

-Medical facility is on par with Global standards
-The Options for surrogate mothers are in good numbers as there are women who, while not working would happily go for being a surrogate and carry a pregnancy, while helping their families financially.

-India got all the modern techniques along with required medical equipments to support and assist Surrogacy. As per a report by various Experts and economists, the industry is said to be generating $445-million per. Commercial surrogacy is also legal in the country since 2002, and within the past decade the country managed more than 8000 surrogate births.

-In India, Surrogacy in India is not limited to a particular aspect of society and is available to people of all backgrounds. While there are many Western countries which don't allow single parents or gay couples to use a surrogate, there is no such rule in India.

Things to consider before starting with Surrogacy process in India
While you must ensure to be mentally prepared and well organized before coming to India for Surrogacy, there are various facts to be kept in mind during the process.
-Stay updated about all the proceedings which needs to be undertaken in order to bring your child back in the country.

-Ensure dealing with a renowned and quality bound Surrogacy agency while validating every detail about them online or Offline.

-Taking Psychological expert advice and assistance as being a parent is no easy task and being without child till now, you must be mentally prepared for the same in advance.

Once you get a thorough clarity of all the pre-requisites mentioned above, it will become easier for you to plan and organize everything in due course.

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