During the summer of 2011, Independence Energy was launched. Like many new contemporary companies, this unique energy company as founded on progressive ideals. Unless your permanent residence lies under a rock with no internet access, you're most certainly aware of the “going green” movement. In an attempt to provide as many people as possible with clean energy, Independence Energy has tapped into this movement and provides consumers with either 100% or 20% green energy.

The Company and its Global Impact

This is quite a progressive step in the universal fight against pollution. When you truly think about it, whether we like it or not, humans can be thought of as serving as a cancerous virus to planet earth. We inherited a clean and fruitful planet and have quickly endangered and compromised our future. By each of us doing small things, like carrying out energy saving activities and switching to ‘greener’ energy providers, we can slow the considerable decay of the planet which we are completely dependent on.

Although that sounded like modern hippie ramblings, global pollution is in fact a serious matter. Completely preventing damage to our globe is an unreasonable notion, but slowing the decay is certainly within society's power.

The Company and Network Marketing

In addition to providing customers nationwide with clean energy, this energy company also allows for customers to earn an income. This network marketing arm of the unique energy provider presents quite the money-making opportunity. By simply changing energy providers, you can provide your family with additional residual income.

Independence Energy consumers are qualified to accrue a network marketing income as soon as they sign up. By sharing the beauty of this progressive energy company with others, Independence Energy consumers can receive a commission based pay. Because purchasing energy is a monthly commitment, consumers will enjoy a residual income stream. Most individual's in our workforce dream of the day they can receive residual income.

To be clear, residual income is a form of pay in which you will continue to be compensated for an indefinite amount of time after a sale is completed. As far as Independence Energy is concerned, consumers that share the product and business with others will receive a percentage of the recruited individual's energy bill. Clean and inexpensive energy with a money-making opportunity, where are the holes in that?

The Beauty of Independence Energy

To be clear, Independence Energy consumers are not obligated to participate in the network marketing aspect of the company. If you'd like, you can simply enjoy using clean energy. That being said, being able to achieve supplemental income while making the world a better place is pretty appealing to many people.

Although that sounds painfully cliché, we need to slow earth's decay for future generations. Changing lives often serves as significant motivation for budding entrepreneurs. In addition to changing lives, marketing Independence Energy can prove to be much easier sell than other products offered by fellow network marketing companies.

Let's face it, folks. We are dependent on energy! By simply sharing the beauty of Independence Energy with friends and family, you can begin to chip away at your debt or save for a Disney vacation!

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