Today's chiropractic practice needs access to top digital imaging components in order to create a digital imaging system that fully meets your specialized needs. Chiropractic digital x-ray systems that are comprised of a chiropractic DR imager, a PACS appliance and a clinical workstation will become the basis of your fully functional diagnostic radiography department.

Chiropractic x-ray systems that are Direct Digital Radiography-based enjoy several advantages over film x-rays. Chiropractic DR imagers offer the highest resolution digital medical images currently possible in digital imaging in medicine. DR systems for the Chiropractic practice also will provide you with the fastest processing speeds of any other type of digital imager available. Better resolution of the digital medical images gives you better diagnostic tools from which to work, and fast speeds enhance the workflow of your chiropractic practice, so that you can see more patients, process more images while at the same time providing better patient care.

The chiropractic digital x-ray system will often include a PACS or mini-PACS appliance. The PACS system, a software and hardware combination, allows you to view, distribute and save all of your digital medical files saved in DICOM format quickly and easily.

This PACS system also comes in a more affordable mini-PACS version for those chiropractic practices that have a low volume of digital images to process each year. You load your PACS system onto a server, from which any authorized personnel may access it via a clinical workstations. You may have one workstation, or several, networked together all accessing the same PACS system for more cost savings.

In a high-volume image processing situation, the PACS can also function as a router, ensuring that all of your DICOM digital files get exactly where they need to go, whether to an archive or to other physicians for consultation purposes.

Much of the chiropractic x-ray work is performed on at a clinical workstation. This is a personal computer with a high-end diagnostic monitor attached and the appropriate PACS software loaded. The clinical workstation allows you flexibility in editing your digital graphic files. You can adjust the contrast or brightness, and view by pan, zoom, rotate and other features built in. Measurements on the images may be taken quickly and accurately with digital tools designed for the purpose.

For all of these reasons, many small, mid-sized as well as large chiropractic practices utilize the extreme function as well as value that is found in a full array of DR system components.

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