Sleep is one of the most basic things that the human body should not be deprived. If you stay for more that eleven days devoid of sleep, you will just collapse and die. In fact, you can stay for longer without food than without sleep. Moreover, there is no alternative to sleep. You must sleep no matter what because the body knows how to control and regulate itself. The human body mechanism is designed in a way that it controls, regulates, and rectifies itself. It is the brain that is designed and programmed to do all that. Every activity that goes on in your body must be dictated and commanded by your brain - even sleep which is a rudimentary.

Pregnant women are quite emotional and that is more influenced by the feelings and emotions of the baby, not to mention that hormones that control and regulate women bodies when they are pregnant. Even in the morning, a pregnant woman can rise up at 7 am only to feel sleepy again at 9 am depending with how and what the baby feels. Moreover, pregnant women do not sleep like other people because of the load they carry in their bellies. They are also prone to heartburns and many other discomforts that men and non-pregnant women do not experience. They should sleep in special beds that are well padded and have the other necessary pregnant womens’ sleeping “peripherals.”

The best pregnancy pillows have the following qualities

• Comfort – comfort is what the pregnancy pillow is all about. In fact, that is the main and sole purpose why it is designed and made. Pregnancy brings about many changes in a pregnant woman’s body. Therefore, their bodies need to be properly and fully supported to ease the load and the discomfort that they feel. Without it, they feel like the pregnancy is a burden and a big load for them.

Therefore, they need to be properly supported evenly so that their bellies and all other parts of the body. In fact, if you are not comfortable when asleep, you cannot sleep well. You may spend the whole night tossing and wake up in the morning having had very little or no sleep. To avoid that, you should go for a very comfortable pregnancy pillow that will make you to sleep soundly and even feel like going back to bed all the time due to the sweetness of the sleep. You should capitalize on comfort of the pillow to enjoy sleep to the fullest.

• Subsidizes pain – in a pregnant woman’s body, there are several parts that ache and they need proper support. For instance, the pain and shoulders are stretched by the abdominal load of the pregnancy. Therefore, when these women sleep, they require support to subsidize and ease the pain. You should go for the best pregnancy pillow that makes you enjoy your sleep to the fullest because of the comfort and support that they give you.

If your body is well supported, you will sleep soundly and not even realize that morning has arrived. All the discomfort, overstretching and pains are totally relieved and done away with. You should not go for a pillow that adds more stress, roughness, and strain to you. Instead, you should go for the one that totally does away with all forms of negative effects.

• Supports the body fully - right from the head to the feet, the pillow should offer you absolute support. The head should be held in position and the neck should not hang. Furthermore, the shoulders which are squeezed by your body weight (particularly for those who sleep on their side), should also be relieved. The back, side and abdomen should also be properly supported and the U & C shaped pillows give the best support to all parts of the body. Even the hips and legs also need proper support. When the whole body is properly and evenly supported, you cannot feel any ache or discomfort at all.

You will not strain or get any sleep stress that can lower the quality of your sleep. Instead, you get full relief, comfort, enjoyment, and happiness of sleep. To top it all, you cannot wake up in the morning with certain parts of your body aching and requiring you to go for massage or go to the hospital to see the physician. There are people who wake up with aching necks that are so severe to an extent that they cannot turn, or aching backs not to mention headaches. These are results of bad sleeping postures and the body overstretches hence resulting to pain.

• Improves sleep quality – well designed and manufactured pregnancy pillows are a real spice to your sleep because they highly enhance your sleep. Consequently, you feel so happy because you do not get any disturbance or unprecedented sleep breaks that are caused by bed factors. For instance, if you sleep in a congested bed, you will be squeezed, if you sleep in a bed that has a worn out mattress, it also squeezes you particularly on the hips.

It is equally disturbing, uncomfortable, and bothering for a pregnant woman to sleep in bed without a pillow. If you are pregnant with twins or triplets, they highly stretch your belly and they add a lot of weight to it. To that effect, it becomes hard for you to sleep because you feel that almost all sleeping positions are uncomfortable for you. You should go for a pillow that enhances your sleep by alleviating all those sleeping hassles.

• It is safe for you – you could be allergic to some materials and if you buy a pregnancy pillow that is made of them, you will not enjoy sleep. For instance, if you are allergic to feathers and then you buy a pregnancy pillow that is made of feathers, you could develop blocked nostrils when you sleep with it. Alternatively, you could start sneezing, develop breathing problems, headaches etc. That is why you should go for a pillow that is safe for you.

• Material and filling – pregnancy pillows are made of materials such as foam, fibre, and feathers. It depends with your tastes and preferences. If you are not allergic to them, you can go for any of them for you to sleep comfortably and soundly at night and at any other time. It is good to buy a soft material that is also flexible for absolute comfort and ease of sleeping. You can go for any of them if all the three materials are ok for you. Their prices also vary and you can choose depending with your budget.

• Shape and size – some pregnancy pillows are C, U and wedge shaped. The most common ones include the C and U shaped. These two support your body fully so that your sleeping position is facilitated. You can also buy depending with what you find best for you. The two aforementioned ones do not leave any part of your body neglected, hence offering you maximum support.

• Warranty – this is one of the factors that tell you that the pregnancy pillow you are buying is of high quality. The manufacturer is sure that the product they have manufactured is of high quality and it will not wear out within a short time.

To pen off, these are the most rampant features that you should not overlook when buying a pregnancy pillow.

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