NDIS has proven to be a game-changer in the lives of people with disability and their family members. Yet, many find the scheme a hard nut to crack. Disability is only an umbrella term that involves numerous conditions of physical and mental impairment. Each of the participants is seeking something unique in their NDIS plans.

In this blog, lets talk about in-home services one can access through Assistance with Daily Living Support. Similar to all other NDIS supports, ADL is also aimed to help you reach your optimum potential. If your disability ties you down to your home environment, there are various services available to make your stay comfortable.

NDIS Assistance with Daily Living is a support category budgeted under Core Support. It includes

• Assistance with daily personal activities

• Assistance with household tasks

• Assistance with shared living arrangements

• Supported Independent Living (SIL)

• Short Term Accommodation and Assistance (STAA)

The nature and the type of service each participant receives vary from person to person

depending on their support needs.

ADL funding will enable you to employ support staff to assist you with daily personal activities or supervise daily tasks which support a participant to live independently. This may include but not limited to

• Personal hygiene activities such as bathing, oral hygiene, menstrual hygiene, grooming and dressing.

• Toileting, which includes bladder and bowel management

• Eating and drinking

• Mobility to get in and out of bed

• Household tasks

In-home care services in ADL require you to work closely with your supporting staff, hence, your relationship with the staff will impact the quality of service and your progress. Aastha, a registered NDIS provider based in Western Australia can provide you with professionally trained support staff who will meet your requirements.

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Aastha Community Services is a registered NDIS provider, delivering NDIS support services across Western Australia. Aastha delivers support and services which enable NDIS participants to achieve their goals and lead an independent life.