When we talk about health, we mean physical health, yet our mental health is an important part of any health and fitness plan. The definition of health is not universally accepted and is described as the absence of disease and injury. The World Health Organization defines it as a state of perfect health that includes physical, mental, and social well-being. By this definition, a person cannot be called healthy simply on the basis of the absence of any disease or weakness.

We do not think twice before gorging on fast food
According to the old adage, it becomes what we do and what we think. But a big role in our health is played by our nutrition and our level of physical activity. In today’s life, most people lead a sedentary lifestyle with diet and proper sleep time. Their diet can be spoiled by including too much fast food, junk food, fried foods, cola, alcohol, tobacco, tea and coffee in their daily diet.

For this there is a complete recipe ready for a lack of exercise and a health disaster. We have machines to do everything for us and we rarely do any physical activity. We have motorcycles and cars that take us to the nearest market and office and we use elevators instead of stairs to reach the offices on the upper floors.

Physical activity is a must to regain our fitness

Proper movements and stretching of the limbs are in vain and we suffer from many diseases due to lack of daily exercise. People prefer to spend their free time chatting in front of their TV sets or on the internet rather than walking or exercising with machines or bikes. Teenagers, teenagers and middle-aged people also seem to eat burgers and steak during meals to feed their stomachs enough to give their body full nutrition.

People are more health conscious today than before
Millions of people are overweight and out of shape due to poor diet containing cola and high fat diet. Thankfully, people have awakened to the dangers of as balance and are now more health conscious than ever before to get their bodies and minds back in shape and regain fitness.
The mushroom of gyms and health and fitness centers around us is a reflection of this growing awareness. The same concern for health and fitness is found in diet, where people are conscious of their total number of calories.

Realizing the need for proper nutrition and physical activity to improve one’s health and fitness levels, the market is filled with health products such as supplements, proteins and machines for exercise at home. However, since we all need different nutrition in our body, one should adopt a health and fitness plan only after consulting a doctor or nutritionist.

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Dr Anand is a board-certified Maxillofacial & Craniofacial surgeon who is highly skilled in cosmetic facial and hair restoration surgery and has exclusively practised the same, internationally and nationally.