Achievement of any goal or dream in life is the result of many contributing thoughts, attributes, and actions that cumulatively define the ‘law of success.’ Are any of these actions or attributes more important than the other? I don’t think so necessarily; however, without one essential attribute, perhaps none of the other actions would ever take place. This essential attribute is: self-esteem! To be successful in anything in life, you must first be willing to take risks. However, in order to take a risk, you absolutely must overcome the voices of fear and failure. Then, once this difficult (and on-going) task is accomplished, you must develop the ability to not worry about what other people think or say about you. If you can actually accomplish this, the inevitable result and reward is – a positive and healthy self-esteem. And it is our self-esteem, or belief and confidence in ourselves that is the catalyst that drives our actions.

Knowing this should logically explain the reason why certain people succeed; and likewise, why so many fail. Success is thus not solely determined by circumstances or situations, location or environment, genetics or skin color, age or ability, knowledge or money, or even who you know – success ultimately lies within the mind of each individual, and is determined by their belief, self-confidence, commitment, actions, and persistence in the goal or dream sought.

So – what are your dreams and goals in life? What is it that holds you back from accomplishing them? Could it actually be a lack of self-confidence in yourself, your abilities, and your potential? The solution obviously is developing increased self-esteem; however, doing this is simple in theory, yet extremely difficult in practicality. But thankfully, with consistent effort and discipline (and belief), it is absolutely possible. Let me suggest just 10 of the many ways we can increase our self-esteem so we can accomplish our goals and dreams in life:

1)Eradicate Limiting Beliefs: We each have limiting beliefs we must get rid of. Never let yourself say ‘I can’t.’ Don’t think or say that things are impossible. You don’t need more time, money, or knowledge to accomplish your goals. You can become and achieve anything – it just starts in telling yourself that and believing it.

2)Forget What Others Say & Think: Develop the ability to not worry! Train yourself to not think of or care about what other people say or think about you.

3)Never Compare: You will never be perfect, and neither will anyone else. Be you, and be proud of that. The moment we stop worrying and comparing is the moment we start to realize our own potential.

4)Avoid Negative People: Just stay away from them, period!

5)Face Your Fears: Success will never be accomplished, dreams will never be realized, and self-esteem will never be obtained until you face your fears. That is not to suggest it will be easy or that you might fail, but until you face them, you’ll also never know if you could have possibly succeeded.

6)Failures Do Not Equate To YOU Being A Failure: If you fail, you have actually fallen forward because it is a necessary stepping stone to achieve success. Get up and learn from it. Your mistakes and failures never mean that you personally are a failure.

7)Fake It Till You Make It: If you currently have low self-esteem, just fake it till you make it. Easier said than done, right! But regardless, it is still true – you just have to do it.

8)Master Your Thoughts: Self-esteem is made evident in our emotions, verbal and non-verbal communications, and physical appearance. However, it is initiated in our own minds. Thus, the greatest secret of life is the ability to learn how to control our thoughts. We literally are the captains of our souls, the makers of our destiny, and the deciders of our attitude – self-esteem is thus a reflection of what goes on in our own minds.

9)Positive Self-Talk: The title of this principle should actually be: Positive self-talk, thoughts, and actions. Be positive in everything. Oh yes it is hard – but it is necessary. Think confidently, talk confidently, and act confidently. Look for and be positive in everything in life.

10)Repetition Brings Power: If you think that you will obtain self-esteem in a week after implementing these principles for a few days, you are sadly mistaken. Anything worthwhile in life takes consistent effort. Keep at it, and never quit. Persistence is a necessary element to be successful in anything.

Perhaps more important than any of the 10 principles just mentioned – develop the habit to lose yourself … often. Forget about yourself and think of others, serve others, help others, and give to others. The moment you can forget about yourself and help others is the moment your own self-image, confidence, and self-esteem will be heightened. And it is this self-esteem that is absolutely essential to initiate the ability to take risks, put forth action, and develop the character necessary to achieve success in anything.

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