Most people remember the Marlboro man, but would be hard put to name the CEO of Phillip Morris, the manufacturers of Marlboro. Murphy shut shop some years ago, but most people in their thirties, forties, and fifties will remember the Murphy baby - without having any recollection of what product the baby was the face for. These two examples underline the importance of having a face to represent your brand, and the association that gets built in the minds of even non-buyers.

Make Your CEO the Face of Your Brand

The disadvantage of using a celebrity from entertainment or sports is that their popularity is subject to change. Moreover, unless there is an underlying, or overt connection with your products and services; the connection won’t be established in the minds of your customers.However, appropriate CEO branding through personal branding firms in Wilmington would ensure that your target audience connects your organization with the face, i.e., the CEO. Perhaps the greatest example of CEO branding is Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. How many people even know, let alone recall that Paul Allen was the co-founder? Till Steve Balmer replaced him in 2000, Bill Gates was the best known CEO in the electronics industry.

Route to a Healthier Profit Margin
Your reputation can make or break your business as issues like trust, and willingness to buy your products and services will certainly be impacted. If you are still wondering why CEO reputation management is so critical,consider your risks if you don’t do so:

  1. Your company’s reputation too could be jeopardized.
  2. Your most innovative ideas won’t gain any purchase.
  3. People won’t trust you enough to desire to partner you, especially if you are floating a new venture.
  4. Your best talent might prefer to seek greener pastures as they would be terrified that your lack of credibility will wear off on them.

Therefore, you must ensure that not only your employees, but also your associates and investors trust you blindly. If your CEO’s reputation has taken a hit for whatever reason; you must take proactive steps to counteract it by consulting Top PR firms in Wilmington. Only an experienced reputation management company would know how to counter the flak unobtrusively, and then rebuild your CEO’s reputation.

Stay in the Public Consciousness

One of the primary reasons for focusing on CEO personal branding isto create a place in the public consciousness, and stay there. You would do well to keep in mind that just as Rome was not built in a day, a CEO’s personal brand is built gradually. Those who become sensations overnight, also disappear overnight. Strategies to build the CEO’s personal brand include:

  1. Create a strong social media presence.
  2. Be visible at major events related to your industry.
  3. Host events which are calculated to build and strengthen awareness of your products and services - but center it around your CEO’s physical presence.
  4. Encourage her/him to develop the reputation of being a subject matter expert.

Be a thought leader: Remember TheDevilWearsPrada? The mere pursing of Miranda Priestly’s lips makes a fashion designer trash an entire collection to recreate another one. That was the power of a thought leader in the extreme.

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