Students often ask, “how can I improve my concentration, my mind just seems to wander when it comes to details or finishing a project?” Others say, “I can concentrate reasonably well but I am always in a rush to get the job done; how can I be more productive with the time I have? Will Feng Shui help?”

I explain that productivity and concentration are directly related through positive energy, and both are related to desire. In order to be productive you need to concentrate but in order to concentrate you need to surround yourself with the kind of energy that encourages and motivates you which in turn is nurtured by desire. Desire can be fed by many types of energy; income earned in return for the productivity, recognition given for a job well done or even internal acknowledgement that you are doing the right thing at the right time. There are many ways to improve productivity and concentration but one of my favorite suggestions is the short list that follows:

Number one; begin by creating a list of things you need to accomplish in the next seven days. Be sure to include everything; even trips to the grocery store, the gym, the dry cleaners, and the barber shop or hair salon along with going to work, dinner engagements and Sunday brunch. It’s the little details that often get in the way of concentration and productivity. Once you have created your list, no matter how long or short, rank everything you have to do in order of importance with the most important being number one. Create a separate list for home and for work as each requires different energy and motivation.

Once you have completed your list, review it to see if you can possibly get all of it done in one week by mentally allocating the amount of time it takes to complete each task. If you can’t then re-evaluate the list and move what you can to the following week or try delegating to family members at home or co-workers where you work, that which others can do. It is very difficult to be productive in a timely fashion if you are constantly thinking about everything else you have to do while working on your current project or being afraid that you might forget something important.

Number two; put your list in a prominent place that only you can see for regular reviewing. This too will help you remain more focused. Then begin with the most important item on your list. Set a time limit for how long it should take. It doesn’t matter if it is cleaning the house or meeting a production deadline for your boss at work, you will be 100% more effective if you know that you only have a limited amount of time to work on your project. Complete that project before thinking about anything else on your list. Reward yourself after you’ve completed your project within the allotted time by a five minute break sitting in the sun with a glass of cool lemonade or taking a brief walk in the fresh air. The reward is a very important step as it is part of your motivation.

Now move onto the next item on your list. Be sure to review your list periodically throughout the week and evaluate whether you have estimated the proper amount of time to complete the list. You can always move an item to the next week or bring one forward as time permits. If people stop by to visit with you to discuss their current issues, be polite but tell them “you are on a deadline and could you get back with them.” Do it at a time that would be more appropriate for your timetable, not theirs.

Number three, it is also important to energize specific areas of your home and office to give you the supportive positive energy needed to concentrate better and be more productive. In the northwest area of your office and living room place a motivational picture framed in silver or a silver statue. It could be a picture or statue of the car you want to buy or someplace you would really like to travel for total relaxation; perhaps a cruise, or buying a new home. The combination of the silver and picture will help focus energy on both motivation and the helpful people you need in your world. In the south area of your home and office place something triangular, red or a candle. The red could be a splash of color in a picture hanging on the wall, a glass vase or even a triangular paperweight on your desk. The color or shape focuses positive energy on the fame and good fortune area of your home and office which further energizes both productivity and desire.

Follow this simple procedure weekly and your productivity and concentration will improve dramatically. It is very easy to become distracted by noise pollution, the television and the call of the beach or friends to say nothing of the demands of your family and boss. These three simple steps will make it much easier for you to be more productive, meet deadlines and concentrate.

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at Heydlauff, CEO of Energy By Design, draws her knowledge and wisdom from life experiences and personal issues. She experienced and overcame many challenges such as job elimination, illnesses, loss of sight in one eye and care-taking. Pat was divinely guided to balance her world through her artistic expression, painting. This put her in a state of prayer and meditation which lead her to create the art book, “The Way We Go” Your Roadmap to a Better Future. She is also the author of published books, Feng Shui, So Easy a Child Can Do It, Your Roadmap to a Better Future, Selling Your Home with a Competitive Edge, and new eBook series, 21 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement. Contact her at 561-408-2708 or