Preplanning your own funeral can be viewed as an extension of the will or an estate planning. With the advancement of technology, now pre-arranging one's own funeral is possible and is viewed as a responsibility rather than just an action. By preplanning your own funeral, you are actually relieving your family and others who would be in grief and pain when you leave them. Moreover, at the time of leaving the world, you will be having peace of mind thinking everything for a funeral is well planned in advance and hence, everything would be taken care of nicely, avoiding any trouble for your loved ones. Moreover, each and every part of the funeral management will be according to the way you wished. The songs you selected, the flower you chose, the prayer you wanted, and whatnot. This means, even after you leave this world your wishes and choices will be well taken care of without any stress and financial burden on your loved ones. Yes! You will be able to keep up the dignity in taking financial responsibility until your body is last seen by everyone.
Now, let's see some of the benefits of pre-arranging your own funeral service. This would be like your dream come true at the end of your funeral.

You can make your own funeral arrangements directly as per your dream and wish.
At the time of your funeral, no financial constraints or stress on your loved ones will be there. It gives an opportunity for you to decide how much money you wish to spend on the funeral services you desire.
You can review and revise your choices every few years.
Everything at the funeral happens in a well-organized manner as things are planned from before and are taken care of by the funeral directors. This way all confusions and delays can be avoided.
Less uncertainty and confusion for the loved ones as step by step guidance will be received from the Funeral Directors, from time to time.
The executor of the will receives proper direction.
If not planned from before then, there would be difficulties for the loved ones in managing the funeral home, in a very short time.
Family or loved ones get to know your wishes and dreams even when you are not there with them anymore.
You can help your loved ones to be at ease by helping them to take complicated decisions, especially at a time when they are emotionally disturbed due to grief and loss.
You can be self-reliant even at your end of life.
Therefore, pre-arranging your funeral is the best choice in fulfilling your final dreams for yourself and your family. For this, you can personalize the service after hiring it from funeral directors:
Choose the type of services you need whether it’s a traditional funeral, cremation, or a combination of both.
You can choose your own casket. Different types and models of the casket in different price ranges are available with your Funeral Director or can be bought online. You may even rent caskets from the funeral home if you don’t want to purchase it and can use another container for cremation.
Where do you want your services to be delivered? Whether at the religious places of worship, funeral homes, at chapels, cemeteries, at gravesites or anywhere else. While choosing a cemetery, consider factors like location, religion, and environment. Make sure to visit them before you choose them.
You can choose the type of decorations you like.
You can select readings and songs which you would like to have performed during the service.
Choose a minister.
Funeral homes can give you their clergy recommendations, that is, a list of available qualified ministers, who can perform the ceremony.
Decide whom you want at your services.
Choose the religious leader or anyone who can lead the service. Choose pallbearers and who will deliver eulogies from relatives and friends. You can also choose the participants. Make a list of guests with contact information so that the funeral director will make sure to invite them.
Cremation urns can also be selected according to your choice.
Write your own obituaries.
Funeral Directors help you plan for your funeral now and execute everything accordingly at your funeral. Pre-arranging funeral service can be availed at any time. So why to wait? Why not hire a professional funeral director for pre-arranging your funeral function!

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Janie Singleton, owner, previously worked in manufacturing and mortgage banking before starting her career in the funeral industry in 2008. She is a licensed funeral director in Arkansas and a fully licensed life insurance agent in Arkansas and Missouri. Janie is a member of the Lions Club of Manila, the Manila Business Womens Club, Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce, and BNI of Jonesboro.