As the number of internet users are proliferating all over the world, enterprises and organizations are worried about the storage and handling of a large amount of data internet produces. Cloud computing has emerged as a perfect solution to all these concerns. In cloud computing, an individual or organization can access, share and store data using a remote host over the internet. Businesses are leaving behind the traditional approach and shifting towards cloud-based services. Oracle has predicted that by 2025 almost 80% of enterprise workload will shift to the cloud. In fact, during this COVID-19 pandemic, when people are confined to do work from home, most of the work is being done on cloud infrastructure.

Many organizations are providing cloud services and are getting better day by day. Microsoft Azure is one of the pioneer cloud services providers. Microsoft Azure offers a career path and certification for those who are willing to make a career in cloud computing. One can choose a certificate according to his expertise and job role.

Following are the key points highlighting the importance of Microsoft azure certification:

A ROLE BASED CERTIFICATION: Unlike other cloud service providers’ azure certification is role-based certification. It is intended to match the requirements of the market. One can choose the certificate which is best suitable for his job role and interest.

WIDE ACCEPTANCE: Azure cloud platform is widely accepted by most of the enterprises. According to Microsoft 1000, new customers join azure daily. Due to this, Azure certified professionals are highly demanded in the technological world.

UNLOCKING DOORS OF OPPORTUNITIES: Microsoft azure certification gives you a professional edge, unlocking a number of opportunities for you in different industries as well. Many Azure certified cloud professionals are required in banking, healthcare, finance, education and government sectors.

SALARY POTENTIAL: Enterprises and organizations offer enticing salary packages to the Azure certified professionals. It helps you in standing out and gaining recognition in the market.

In addition, recently Forbes listed Microsoft certified ‘azure fundamentals’ on 15 top-paying IT certificates for the year 2020, paying an average salary of $126,323.

WELL ORGANIZED LEARNING PROCESS: The learning process to get the azure certificate is designed in such an organized way that a new learner can easily adjust to the platform and can learn efficiently.

Microsoft azure training library is a training platform from where candidates can get theoretical and technical knowledge.

PROVIDING BEST SECURITY: Security of the data is undoubtedly a significant concern of a cloud user. To become a security engineer, one can look up to the ‘Microsoft Azure Security technologies’ certification.

Microsoft Azure provides a wide range of security tools and features to ensure the safety of your data. The security development lifecycle is the tool provided by Azure, which ensures the security and privacy-related concerns throughout all the phases.

AZ-900 – Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Online Training
AZ- 220 Microsoft Certified: Azure IoT Developer Specialty
Microsoft AZ-500 Certification: Azure Security Technologies Training

In conclusion, cloud computing is an emerging technology that is expected to grow with a faster pace in upcoming years. Microsoft Azure certification can help an individual securing a promising future for himself.

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