I'm Friends with My Ex but I Want Her Back: Friends with My Ex but I Still Love Her

If your girlfriend dumps you, you are probably very keen to get back together with her. However, it is important to understand that getting a girlfriend back takes time.

If the break up just happens yesterday, you are probably not going to get back together with her tomorrow. Therefore, patience is the key. It is not easy but it is necessary.

Your next step is to cut off contact with her. This step is necessary because you will need some time to calm down and recover from your emotional wounds. Your girlfriend will need this time to calm down too.

Should I Remain As Friends With Her?

This is a very common question. And there is no right or wrong answer. The answer to this question depends on your intention.

If you have no more feelings for her, it is certainly alright to remain as friends with her. Having one more friend is always a good thing.

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Don't Lie To Yourself! You Still Have Feelings For Her!

But you know what? The fact that you are asking this question already reveals your intention. It is pretty obvious that you want to get back together with your girlfriend.

If you are serious about getting back together with her, then the answer is no. No, you should never remain as friends with her unless you are satisfied with just being a normal friend.

Sometimes, a guy may try to lie to himself saying that he just want to be friends. However, this is almost impossible. You know yourself best. Even if you manage to lie to yourself, your ex girlfriend will be able to see through your intention.

You must never forget the fact that women are a lot more sensitive than men. Therefore, it is really hard to conceal your intention from your ex girlfriend.

The Danger of The Friend Zone

Alright, let's assume that you have somehow managed to conceal your intention from your ex girlfriend. So you are now friends with your ex girlfriend.

So what is going to happen next? Well, before you know what is happening, you are already falling into the friend zone. The friend zone is a relationship killer, especially for guys.

Once you get into a woman's friend zone, it is very hard for you to escape from it. If you want to get your ex girlfriend back, don't stay as friends with her.

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Trying to get your ex girlfriend back? Then what you need to know is how you can make her want you back. What do you need to do to win back her affections?

What do women want from men?

A woman wants to be happy. Sounds simple, doesn't it? If you know how to really make her happy, then you can get your ex girlfriend back. She wants someone she can depend on as well as trust. If she sees that she can count on you, then she'll see that you're someone worth keeping.

Here are a few more things that women want from men and would help you in getting her back.

Take care of yourself

All women are attracted to a man who can take care of himself and is confident. If your confidence has wavered during the breakup, then you better fix it quick. You need to improve yourself as a person and build a positive attitude. You'll be giving her the impression that you're a wonderful person if you do something great with your life. She may even wish that she's a part of your life again so that she can share it with you.

Stability and assurance

Women want order and balance in their lives and they also want a man who can make her feel safe. She wants to be assured that everything will be alright and that you would be there if she needs you. You don't need to have a lot of money or have the best looking body. But she does want a bit of routine or an idea of what is to come. This way, she can avoid uncertainty and dread.

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You need to understand her

Like men, women think a lot and they have a knack for remembering memories and alternate situations. They sometimes think "what if that happened instead" or "what if this happened." This is why it's important to give her space during the breakup. If you don't contact her within the first few weeks, then she will think about you more. She'll start to miss you and wonder what could have happened instead.

Showing appreciation

Everyone wants to feel needed and women are no exception. Women are natural caretakers. When she loves and cares for someone, then she will show it. You need to show her just how much you appreciate having her in your life. She needs to know that you need her and that you regret letting her go.

Keep calm and civilized

Sooner or later the two of you will cross path. When that happens, remember to keep calm and be civil when you talk to her. Don't ignore her but keep your emotions under control. Women want a man who can keep his emotions under control. To lose control would be a turn off. On the other hand, she'll have second thoughts if she sees that you are doing just fine.

Understanding what women want in a man is essential if you want to get your ex girlfriend back. You need to make her want you back and make sure that you don't do the same mistakes again. If you know where you went wrong, then you will be able to fix it.

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Getting an ex girlfriend to take you back can be a frustrating and confusing task if you approach it from the process of trial and error. Not knowing exactly what to do and what to say causes you to take chances that can end up backfiring and pushing your ex girlfriend further away. Before you can get her back, you need to understand the critical mistakes most men make that ruin their chances when it comes to getting an ex girlfriend back.

This article discusses 3 of the most common mistakes you're probably making and provides additional information at the end if you want to discover a step-by-step, proven process to getting your ex girlfriend back.

First, you must be open to new ideas and new ways of thinking because the "right" things to do are often counter intuitive. There are many step-by-step guides that can help you, but only if you're open to what they teach. Simply reading and not putting the advice into action will get you nowhere.

Mistake #1 - Not Giving Her Space

The best thing you can do after a breakup to set yourself up to win your girl back is to cut off contact with her and give her time and space. This seems counter intuitive because you might be thinking, "How am I supposed to get her back if we don't talk and I never see her?"

Human psychology dictates we want what we don't have. By giving your girlfriend space, you give her a chance to miss you. If you're constantly texting her, calling her, showing up at her work, and trying to talk to her about the relationship, then you simply make her feel pressured and cornered, and she will resist by pulling away.

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Mistake #2 - Panic

After a breakup, many men panic. They feel they need to do something quick or they'll lose their girlfriend forever. This often has the opposite effect of what they want. Getting an ex girlfriend to take you back requires patience. Don't over-react or try to force the issue.

Even if she starts dating someone else, don't panic. This is often exactly what she needs to realize how much you mean to her and how much she misses you. As long as you don't panic and make matters worse, chances are she'll come back to you.

Mistake #3 - Failing To Accept The Breakup

Once again, failing to accept the breakup seems counter intuitive, doesn't it? Why would I want to accept the breakup if I want her back? You must understand accepting the breakup and giving up are two separate things. Accepting the breakup sends your ex girlfriend the right messages.

When you tell her that you understand the breakup and agree it's best to give each other space, it shows you are confident, independent, and not needy or desperate. These are all traits women find attractive in a man. It turns the tables and gets her thinking that she might lose you forever, and gets her seriously thinking about repairing the relationship if she's worried you could end up with someone else.

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Break ups can be reversed with a little bit of tact and effort. If you feel that you want to get back with your girlfriend fast then you will have to move fast. Here are the things that you need to do to get your girlfriend back.

Let her cool off

Don't hound her with all your calls. She will not listen to you now as she is angry. Also don't try to buy her off with gifts, flowers and chocolates as that will make you look shallow. Look like you are respecting her decision and give her some time alone. When her anger fades she will begin to miss you and will wonder why you are not calling.

Focus on self improvement

Use your time positively and constructively and focus on some self improvement. Change the way you look, get a fancy wardrobe, get a little metrosexual and look into your attitude. What was it that ticked her off? Address the issue and find the solution.

Remain connected with her friends

Don't disconnect completely with her. Remain in touch with your common friends. This way she will be abreast of what you are doing and will keep her interest alive. She will obviously not admit it to others or to herself but will continue to collect newsfeeds on you through her friends.

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Don't ask of her

Make sure that you don't enquire about her when you are talking to her friends. She has to get a little curious of what you are doing and why are you not asking of her. But also make sure that whenever her friends talk to you of her you only say nice and complimentary things. Don't forget to mention that you would love to have her back in your life. This is sure to find its way to her and she will begin to think of you nicely.

Look like you are moving on

But at the same time look like you are moving on. Go out with your friends and make a new set of friends. But make sure that you are seen hanging out with your new set by either your ex girlfriend or her friends. She will begin to get insecure about losing you completely.

Bump into her

Make sure that you keep running into her at times casually but never give her too much attention. Don't ignore her but don't go out of your way as well. Force her to come to you and talk to you.

Tell her that you are only agreeing with her

Also make sure that you tell her that you are simply respecting her wishes by staying away from her and would definitely like to get back. Apologize for your mistakes but say you cannot go on waiting forever. She will get back with you soon enough.

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