If I Am Wise ...

As I speak words to help another, if I am wise, I will listen very closely to what I have to say.. for I am saying what I, myself, need to hear.

As I tell another what to do, if I am wise, I will listen very closely to the action I tell them to take ... for it is the action I, myself, need to take.

As I spend my time trying to get others to hear what to do for their own good and explain what they need to do to feel good, if I am wise, I will notice I,myself, have not done what I have recommended.

As I am speaking ... I do not do. I tell others to watch themselves and I stop watching myself in the process. I am working on them, instead of practicing the wisdom myself shared from my very own mouth and heart.

People come into my life so I can explain what I most need to hear. If I miss that, if I think it is only them with the problem ... I keep preaching and never go beyond to hearing my own message.

When I am wise, less and less people will show up mirroring to me what I most need to see - for I will have fixed the biggest problem of all, myself.

Written by Unity, Counselor of the Heart - September 28th, 2007

Author's Bio: 

Unity is a Counselor of the Heart and life coach. As a spiritual teacher and mentor, she reveals the Light of Truth in service to those who are seeking a more fullfilling life.

During her thirteen year stay in the Ozark Mountains she gathered together the wisdom she gained throughout her lifetime and wrote "Through the Eyes of the Heart" ... a unique book teaching 'The Divine Connection'. Join your deepest knowing with your true feelings and experience a powerful spiritual awakening. Enter the depths of your own heart and feel the truth about life and yourself.



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