If Your Period Is Irregular Can You Still Get Pregnant: Can Irregular Periods Cause Infertility

"My husband and I are trying to have our first child. We had sex a few times over the weeks but I am unable to become pregnant. Is there anything wrong with either of us? How can I become pregnant?" If you have question like this then you are not the only one. Most young couples who fail during the first few attempt is prompt to pose a question similar to this one. Although for most women, about 85 percent in the USA, can become pregnant fairly easily, it is not as easy for the remaining 15 percent, and for some medical intervention is the only answer. If you are finding it difficult to conceive here are a few pointers for you that can aid in the fertilization process.

Stop consuming alcohol, cigarettes or caffeine: It is now a known fact that alcohol, cigarettes and caffeine are harmful for your body and especially during pregnancy. They each act in their own way of stopping you from becoming pregnant. While alcohol simply impairs conception, cigarettes speed up the loss of eggs and in men increase death rate of the sperm. Caffeine causes infertility and damage the eggs and, in men, sperm. Hence, avoiding these three killers are the first step towards your effort of becoming pregnant.

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Maintain your body's ideal weight: Recent studies reveal that a women with a BMI or body mass index between 24 and 30 are most fertile. Too little or a bit too much body fat may cause irregular ovulation hindering your chances of becoming pregnant. Hence, if you are underweight try to gain some weight by eating healthy. If you are overweight, do some aerobics to burn out the excess fat.

Stress: Stress and depression are responsible for many medical conditions in both men and women and severely hinders the chances of fertilization and becoming pregnant. These negative emotional states cause irregular ovulation and even infertility. Try to maintain a stress free lifestyle and enjoy every moment of it. Doing what you like to do, and happy thoughts will keep depression away.

Discontinue using contraceptives: If you are interested in becoming pregnant, you should discontinue the use of any contraceptive completely. If you take birth control pills irregularly since you are not sure, whether you want a child then the time you make out without contraceptives may not be fruitful either. Permanently stopping use of contraceptive will soon return your body to the state where you can become pregnant easily.

Determine ovulation period: To become pregnant you should also determine your ovulation period. This is usually between 11-21 days from the first day of your cycle. Change in body temperature, itchiness in ovaries are common indicator that ovulation has started. Remember the egg lasts only 12-24 hours after leaving the ovary after which the uterine lining absorbs it if not fertilized. Frequent sex during the ovulation stage increases your chance of becoming pregnant.

Ovulation predictor kits: In order to determine your ovulation period you may make use of the ovulation predictor kit. The success rate of this kit in predicting the right ovulation time so that you can become pregnant is increasingly high. This indicates that if you are not confident on your calculation you may simply buy the kit and use it at home.

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Schedule when you make out: You and your partner have a 12-24 hour window to fertilize the egg in order to become pregnant. This may seem a lot but knowing that it can be any day between day 10 and day 18 from the first day of your period is quite difficult. Hence having frequent sex during those days is very important. Frequent lovemaking will also enhance your relationship further.

Get off any drug: Many prescription drugs today are knows to hold back on one's attempt to become pregnant. Some drugs lower the urge to make out, while other drugs reduce the quality of eggs or their speed up in their degeneration process. Some drugs also affect the uterus walls and make them more resistant to implantation once the egg is fertilized. Hence, if you are on a medication consult your physician about the effect the medication might have you becoming pregnant.

Increase vitamin and mineral intake with foods: Although not directly related to you becoming pregnant vitamin and minerals, although needed in small amount, are essential for a healthy body. Most of us, if not all, are unable to maintain a perfect diet. Hence, it is encouraged to have nutritional supplements that are rich in vitamins and minerals like iron, calcium etc to enable you to maintain a healthy body. Good health is essential to becoming pregnant.

Finally, although most women will become pregnant within a month or two of continuous lovemaking, for some it may take longer. If after six to eight months of frequent lovemaking you still fail to become pregnant it is time for you and your partner to consult a physician.

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I sometimes have people ask me if they should stick to a certain diet or should consume certain times of foods on their menstrual cycle in order to conceive a boy or girl baby. I think the perception is that what you do on your menstrual cycle affects what happens during your ovulation cycle.

I heard from someone who said: "I'm trying for a boy baby. I have heard that I should adhere to a certain diet while I am on my period to make me more likely to conceive a son. What should I be eating when I'm on my period?"

She was making several assumptions here. She was assuming that her diet affected the gender of her baby. And she was also assuming that the most important time of the diet was when she was on her menstrual cycle. Only one of these assumptions was true. I will tell you which one was true below.

Most Of The Time, What You Eat When You Are On Your Period Doesn't Affect Your Baby's Gender: Many women actually ovulate (and therefore can become pregnant) at least a week after their period is over. Sometimes, the time frame is even longer than this. Although you can ovulate at any time during your cycle, most people ovulate somewhere near the center of it. Sure, some are a little early and some are a little late. But very few people ovulate while they are on are just after they are on their period. Most of the time, you are looking at 10 - 14 days after your period before you are fertile.

Now, the reason that what you eat is important is because when you eat enough acidic foods (like some meat and dairy) to change your vaginal PH (during ovulation and not during menstruation,) then a baby girl is more likely. And when you eat enough alkaline foods (like some fruits and vegetables) to make your vaginal PH alkaline, then a boy baby is more likely. (To be fair, this is only one variable that can affect baby gender. There are at least two others.)

But, changing your PH takes several days. And, you have to continue on with the diet until it is time for you to conceive. In order to ensure that this is happening, I highly recommend testing your PH regularly and making whatever adjustments are necessary.

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Why Your Ovulation Cycle Is More Important Than Your Menstrual Cycle When It Comes To Your Baby's Gender: With this said, let's say that you ovulate around 16 days after the first day of your menstrual period. If you were to eat alkaline foods during your period and then stop once your period stops, then there would still be more than a week until it really counts and you would need to be your most alkaline. This is just too long to wait.

The better plan would be to begin the process after your period stops and then continue to test your PH (by using PH test strips) and your ovulation (by using an ovulation test kit) and making sure that your PH is right as your ovulation approaches. Because what really matters is your PH on the day that you can possibly conceive. And sometimes, you need a few days of leeway in order to make this happen correctly. But you wouldn't necessarily need to start as early as your period.

That's why it can help to begin this process a little while before you actually want to conceive. You can test yourself regularly and see where your natural baseline is, what foods affect it, and how long it takes you to reach your optional PH. That way, when ovulation approaches, there's no need to panic and you will know what you need to do in order to get where you need to be.

But to answer the question posed, worrying about your diet only when you are on your period isn't the best use of your time or energy. You are better off worrying about the time period before ovulation and gauging your PH throughout the month so that you make sure that your PH never gets too far from ideal so that a couple of days before ovulation, you can tweak it as needed. In other words, your diet during your ovulation cycle is much more important than you diet during your menstrual cycle or period.

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Yeast infections occur in both the genders; however it is more common among women. It can appear on any part of the body. Yeast infections are commonly found in the vagina. The Candida parasite multiplies in number on the human body and leads to formation of it. Apart from hygiene there are few more reasons that contribute to the formation of yeast infections. There are large numbers of women, or shall we say all the women have been through this some time or the other in their life. It can be embarrassing especially when the odor is noticeable by friends or colleagues.

If you have been looking out for some effective ways to cure the yeast infection read further and get rid of the pain and irritation:

No matter what other methods you try, if you do not practice cleanliness, no remedy will help you cure the yeast infection. Always keep your vagina clean. Wash it with plain water and soap, to maintain the ph level. Wear lose and clean cotton panties to let in some fresh air.

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Tea tree oil is one of the most effective and successful ways of curing yeast infections. Take tea tree oil and dilute it in some water. Apply on the vagina and feel the difference. It will not only relieve you of pain and irritation but also get rid of the infection.

Yoghurt is good to eat and a great treatment to kill the bacteria in the vagina. Simply dip a tampon in yoghurt and insert in your vagina. Follow this twice a day. You can also put a tablespoon of yoghurt in vagina at bed time.

Boric acid has antiseptic and antifungal properties and thus makes easy work of killing the bacteria. Remember, it has to be used externally. Apply on the vagina, however, avoid prolonged use. Pregnant ladies stay off this remedy.

These easy to follow tips will surely prove effective in curing the infection. However, if the problem persists for long it is best to consult your gynecologist.

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Vaginal odor can cause embarrassment and make you withdraw from the crowd. There are women who go into depression due to the embarrassing fact of severe vaginal odor. Vagina odor has been a part of every woman's life. The odor is the outcome of bacteria. Women try all sorts of things to get rid of the foul smell, but all in vain. The only way to get rid of vaginal odor is by treating the bacteria or the yeast. Women need to observe good hygiene to avoid outburst of any vaginal infection and thus, protect them from the stinky smell.

Here are 4 major reasons why women have vaginal odor

Having multiple sexual partners is one of most common reason for vaginal infection leading to odor. According to research conducted, women in modern societies are more prone to this infection. Changing partners may also lead to other severe problems.

It is good to keep the vagina clean, however, using soap in that area can result in infections. Excessive washing can take off the natural oil making the vagina dry. Dry skin in the vagina often gives birth to vaginal infections.

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Cigarette smoking is not only injurious to health but is also one of the factors that encourage bacterial growth. Although the direct relation is still not known, cigarette smoking is responsible for inviting bacteria.

Women who fail to follow healthy hygienic habits are often prone to attacks of vaginal bacteria. Using unclean panties, not changing sanitary pads frequently, all cause infections. Women who sweat too much are also prone to vaginal infections.

There are many more reasons for vaginal odor. Women need to be careful while cleaning their vagina. Always make sure you follow good habits. Avoid using public toilets if they are unclean. Being cautious will protect you from unhealthy infections and thus from vaginal odor.

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