The compressor is the heart of your refrigerator’s operating system. It is located at the base of more refrigerator units, combining the motor and the compressor as one single unit.

The cooling device compresses the refrigerant prior to sending it to the condenser coil situated behind the unit. There it exchanges the heat with the surrounding ambient air.

However, like most refrigerator parts, the compressor can also malfunction. And when that happens, it brings along a mountain of problems. Here’s relieving some of the common inconveniences that happens when the cooling unit’s compressor goes on the fritz.

“The Compressor Keeps Running & Running”

In normal circumstances, it could be difficult for anyone to tell the difference. And probably this could be a reason why homeowners have a hard time identifying this common compressor failure.

When the compressor runs continuously (like literally), it means that there’s been a loss of refrigerant in the system, or that the compressor valves are failing.

“It Makes Strange Noises”

When the cooling unit starts making noises (and not the usual kind that your unit makes) it results due to a faulty compressor performance. More specifically, the noise results from the valve and bearings and the more they fail, the more noise it makes.

When the valve fails, the noise it creates combines with the unit’s failure to cool things properly. A faulty unit’s compressor even runs hot and give out an oily smell most likely the result of an overheated wire set-up.

“The Unit Trips Intermittently By Drawing 5-6 Times Its Operational Current”

A refrigeration unit that trips intermittently happens due to issues in the circuit breaker when turning it on. The electric motor draws out 5-6 times of its operational current, and this causes the trip. This usually happens when the unit’s compressor ages which take more time in reaching its operational speed. This delays the inrush current and causes the breaker to intermittently trip by drawing more current.

Troubleshooting Them The BEST WAY!

The debate between whether one should DIY such issues to save money or call professionals offering fridge repairs and spend money on them- is never-ending. But rationally thinking, it makes sense to have these professionals check out the malfunctioned unit’s compressor.

  • These experts will use their real-time field experience to fix the faulty compressor at the first go!
  • Before their repairs, these professionals will perform a thorough inspection to understand the issue at hand. And depending on the unit’s condition, they will figure out what to do.
  • They will always use quality spare parts (backed by warranty) along with industry-specific equipment to ensure the task is done in the right way.

So, secure 100% service quality by hiring proficient experts of fridge repairs in Camperdown who always ensure their repairs are as per the industry standard rates. And in comparison to the not-so-sure DIY repairs, this is a way better alternative to get that faulty compressor back to its optimal functionality.

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The author is an expert on fridge repairs in Camperdown for years and has carried out numerous minor to severe issues over the years. With that, the author also is a writer and educates the readers on various types of fridge repairs performed by trained professionals.