Unhappy, unkind, evil and selfish people love those who love them. Do we only love those who love us? What is the required difference?

We are to love those who do not love us, who do not know us, who do not conform to our ideals. We are to reach, to stretch, to bloom toward and into the lives and hearts of those who are called 'unlovable'. This is usually a difficult requirement for most of us.

There are compassionate souls who take my breathe away. They give, care and share. They are compassionate toward everyone. It takes daily thought to try to touch the lives of people we don't know. It is valuable when we offer time or money, prayer and thought to those that we can help.

Being more like those individuals who keep their eyes on what is most important and not on themselves is vital. Selfishness plays no role in loving others.

People are walking around with wounded hearts. They may be experiencing a failing body, circumstances beyond our imaginations and feel they have no hope. Our savior requires that we lift up each other. We can offer comfort, hope, peace and support because of what has been offered to us.

Kindness is not a requirement but it is requested. Reaching out to others is not expected but it is necessary for a fulfilled life. Living with no compassion or care rings very hollow. Life without grace is a waste of time. Offer grace, mercy and your most giving spirit instead of criticism, judgment and control. People will gravitate toward you. Others will love who you are and emulate the way that you shine on this Earth. Be brave. Support one another. When we encourage someone - it becomes a normal and everyday action in the lives of those who choose it.

Smile more. Care more. Love more. Forgive more. Challenge yourself more. Reach more. Accomplish more. BE more.

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I have written a book about women titled Bloom Girl Bloom (Real Women with Real Answers). I am also a speaker, mentor & health management coach. This is a book I thought you, as a woman, would love to read, in addition to those who are curious about how women really feel. I reveal real questions and answers and genuine stories of life. Moments of goodness will pop up all over the pages. Gems of wisdom from other women and helps for those in need of advise will be at your fingertips.

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I have been a career self employed business owner and love to learn, grow and share. I have lived through tragedies, sorrow and sadness, just as many of you have also done. God's goodness is all around me.

Friends are vitally important to women. Life is much fuller when shared with those we love. Wishing you a beautiful day and a heart full of joy! Thanks for stopping by! bloom.