When I was a young boy, probably around five years old, I had this problem of not being able to pee when someone was around. It was equally tough if I was in the process of peeing and I spotted someone coming, I would just stop almost instantly.

Like, this is an embarrassing situation to share right? But then, how will we overcome problems if we are not courageous enough to share and probably help someone who has the same issue but is also shy to share and get help?

I overcame this problem after I graduated from primary school, as I went to boarding school for my high school and had to overcome this difficulty out of necessity and also because I told myself that there must be a solution to every problem. Every problem on this earth does have a solution; we just need to find it.

One of the tough questions that I asked myself was: I'm I afraid to pee when people are around because I am embarrassed that I might be the only human that passes out waste or is it because I am scared of people seeing my waste or junk? That's where my soul searching journey started.

I gathered a few points here and there through research from the people who are facing the same problem and some who overcame it and from some doctors.

But, before I give you the tips, note that this problem actually has a name. It's called paruresis and it's defined in the dictionary as a form of fear or phobia where an individual cannot urinate in public or in the presence of others, whether real or imaginary people around them at home or in a public facility.

Here are some few ways to overcome paruresis:

  • When you find that you are pee shy... you can start spelling the word on top of the urinal from backwards just to distract your mind
  • Opt to live in a dorm or barracks (even if it's only a weekend away) as this will help you overcome the shyness out of necessity
  • Trust in your unconscious mind- the unconscious mind is responsible for things like blinking, erections, salivation so you should train yourself to leave this worries to the part of you that knows how to handle it best; your unconscious mind.
  • Rehearse success for example, if using the home toilet imagine that it is a public facility yet you are easy and relaxed. This will really help and get you ready to be calm when using a public one for real.
  • It is advisable that you have someone you are comfortable with to be around close to you - get your friend to be around you when you are peeing. This will help you practice, remember practice makes perfect.
  • Book for a psychotherapy- this is a form of therapy that helps you deal with the here and now, and helps you learn problem solving

Don't give up, you will overcome it- I overcame it, other people that I know of have overcome it and so will you. Just set your mind to it.

So, you should not be embarrassed of your situation, rather shift the energy to trying to solve the problem.

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