If You Can Fake a Smile For 17 Seconds, You Control How You Feel

• 1. “It’s not what we don’t-know that does us in. It is what we ‘do’ know, that isn’t so, like facts, rules & principles.”

• 2. If we all knew everything about “smiling & laughing”, why would the University of Kansas (7.30.12), Lund University (Sweden), 9.08, University of Maryland (Med School), 8.28.12,
& Loma Linda University (Cal.) 4.10.08, continue to do research?

• 3. Sure, we all assume-and-know it’s better to smile & laugh, than to frown, and feel lousy. But did you know that expecting and anticipating a ‘smile & laugh’, from a movie, tv Sit-Com,
or goofy-friend, excites your immune-system to boost your hormones?

• 4. Listen to this: our brain 24/7, monitors our facial-expressions to decide how we feel. If we’re smiling, chemicals (Dopamine, Endorphins, & Serotonin) are released into our blood stream to
make us feel more joy, delight, & happiness.

• 5. Important Fact: If our face shows scowling, frowning, even skepticism, our immune system weakens, and we are susceptible to illness, disease & pain. Even the flu, and accidents.

• 6. Take this test: intentional (fake) smiling and simultaneously try to worry, be afraid, or expect to fail. It’s not just being distracted by smiling, it’s your brain sending happy thoughts, leading to positive emtions, through chemistry (hormones, enzymes, and neurotransmitters.

• 7. It is not circumstances or other people’s behaviors, but your own facial-expressions, that create your attitude, mood, & mind-set. If you learn to intentionally (fake) smile, you control your life.

• 8. So What? When you feel-good, you do your best work. You learn information twice-as-fast, your memory improves up to 80%, and you influence, convince, & persuade other folks, up to 75% better. Smiling & laughter are contagious, and attract success.

• 9. The first scientist that researched the power of Smiling was Guillaume Duchenne, French neurologist. His best research was
1850-1875. He prove a real, genuine smile, still called a Duchenne-Smile, combines both expression of the eyes, and the mouth.

• 10. A FAKE-smile, called a Pan-Am, or Botox-smile, shows expression exclusively at the mouth – not eyes.

• 11. For Brainiacs: There are 14 facial muscles. Only three (3) facial muscles are required for a Duchenne (real, genuine) smile.

• A) Risorius muscle: raises and retracts the angle of the mouth. It’s called the “Smiling-Muscle”.

• B) Orbicularis Oculi muscle: creates crow’s feet at sides of both eyes.

• C) Zygomatic Major muscle: raises the corners (lips) of your mouth.

• 12. Two (2) key facts to remember:
a) Seventeen (17) seconds of smiling creates major physical & mental changes in your body. It be can be divided up into 5-5-7 seconds over five-minutes.
b) Your brain (right-hemisphere) does not know or differentiate between a Duchenne (real, genuine) smile, and a Pan-Am, Botox, fake-smile.

• 13. That means, if you intentionally choose to fake a smile, your brain accepts it as the-real-thing, and gives you all the health, longevity, & learning benefits of a Duchenne-Smile.

• Endwords:
Do a Mind-Experiment, and Smile (intentionally) for 17-seconds twice-daily for the next seven (7) days. You will discover a serious improvement in your learning-skills, and an improvement in your long-term memory.

Here’s a strategy we use in SpeedReading101 at our workshops at Columbia University: hold a chopstick between your teeth,
parallel to the floor for just 17-seconds. Now intentionally decide to Smile, to attract improved health from your immune system.

• If you are interested in attaining your goals, continue the chopstick strategy for twice-daily for 17-seconds for twenty-one days. That amount of repetition is required for creating a habit.

• We have offered this Chopstick Smiling strategy to thousands of
College & Graduate school students, and corporate executives.
They send emails even years later, that they use it to win promotions and financial success. Many claim it is a wealth builder. But you test it and decide.

• We suggest: if it works for you, USE IT, no matter how ridiculous the Chopstick appears. It uses the major super three-facial-expression muscles to make you Smile. Later, it becomes a habit, so you can throw the Chopstick away.

• “Tap-In, Turn-On, & Tune-In”, to your personal growth & financial success. We are here-for-you.
See ya,
Copyright © 2012, H. Bernard Wechsler

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H. Bernard Wechsler, business partner of Evelyn Wood, creator of Speed Reading, graduating 2-million, including the White House staffs of four U.S. Presidents.

Educational Director of SpeedReading101.org
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