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Infertility problem is increasing dramatically from last twenty years. Almost one couple is suffering from infertility in out of six couples. Many couples are turning to fertility treatments to help them to have their own child. This is a big issue of new generation couples. Around 10% of women are suffering from this horrible disease in united state.

Many women as fear as pregnancy is one of the most important events of their life. When they knows the fact that they can never conceive their own child, it becomes the biggest reason of depression. They feel that their body is not working properly as other women. They start losing self-confidence. So, if you are one of them who are suffering from this infertility, you do not need to hide it?There are many ways to cure infertility and you can get pregnant fast and naturally.

What do I really need to do to get pregnant? Is it possible to reverse and eliminate infertility?

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Infertility means not able to conceive a baby after one year of regular, well-timed and unprotected sex. A woman who can get pregnant but not able to carry pregnancy till the birth of child is also called as infertility. The term infertility refers to the abnormal incapability to produce children by natural way. This is also an inability of a woman to go for an entire period of pregnancy. However, this is a big problem that affects both the man and woman. These days how to treat infertility and get pregnant fast and naturally questions is asked so much?

If you are one of those who really want to know how to cure infertility naturally and get pregnant fast? This is a condition, that affects around 10 % of couples who wish to start their own family. It is advisable that you need to seek medical attention if you have not accomplished your goal for a year or you are trying month after month to get pregnant but not able to get positive result. You have to spend huge amount of money on the treatment of infertility because these treatments are generally very expensive and it may have horrible side effects also which can harm you and your unborn baby.

Natural ways to treat infertility is very easy to follow and it has no side effects also which can not harm you and your unborn baby. Now a day's many people are going to treat their infertility through natural methods. Natural methods always work very efficiently. Natural and holistic approach is one of the best way to treat your inability to conceive your own child and you can get pregnant fast and naturally without any horrible side effects.

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Pregnancy being a difficult task with some woman questions herself "Why can't I get pregnant" not knowing the easier ways to get pregnant fast as anticipated. Be certain, they might not have tried the guidelines served by experienced. Some couples are not fortunate or potent to conceive soon once they get into marital bond. Whatever may be the reason for the inability for becoming 'would be mom', the delay may be saddening the couples in all walks of life.

Though infertility is no doubt a common concern to any woman, it requires some life changes to effect fertility as planned. It is a different issue if you had used pills to postpone your pregnancy. But tw'll be beyond every thing to be in woos when the conception does not take effect for a dream baby. Here are some sure tips for getting pregnant which couples can try to get the things done to all expectations they have.

• Avoiding or at least keeping a minimum to consume coffee, carrots, garlic, sun flower seeds, and sesame seeds. As these are all contraceptive foods, they may safely be avoided during the time of pregnancy.

• Consuming alcohol is detrimental to healthy body getting into conception process. Staying away from smoking can also be benefiting the couples to get pregnant quick.

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• If you are taking prescription drugs for some other ailments in your body, it should be confirmed by your family doctor that they are not affecting the hormonal system of conception process.

• Another thing you should pay attention is the removal of all toxins accumulated after digestion of nutrients. The poisonous toxins need to be detoxified from your body. In these days, there are certain products of body detox.

• Don't be lazy when you are trying to get pregnant. Being active with mild exercises can keep the body stimulated for lovemaking process satisfactorily to conceive with all hopes.

• If you are staying back in getting pregnant, step in for regular check ups with a doctor in order to get advice on what to stop and what to continue. Sometimes, fewer sperm count can be blocking your conception which needs treatment.

• These are the useful steps you can follow with ease to have pregnancy. As patience and tolerance are associated with this effort, t's more important to extend cooperation by both in making the trial successful.

• Above all, building your body with proper diet can improve chances to get pregnant faster as envisaged. Good diet helps to keep your body balanced for quick and positive conception to your anticipations.

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I often hear from women who are trying to gauge their ovulation day in an attempt to get pregnant. A question that I am commonly asked is some variation on "is it possible for your ovulation day to change from month to month? If so, what does this mean if you're trying to become pregnant? And, what, if any, implications does this have if you are trying to choose your baby's gender? I will address these questions in the following article.

Your Ovulation Day Can Most Definitely Change From Month To Month For Many Reasons: The short answer is yes, your ovulation day can change dramatically from month one month to the next or it can remain relatively constant or stable. It really does depend upon the woman in question and also upon what is going on with that same woman's life, health, and fertility cycle. Illness, stress, or having an anovulatory cycle (which means that no ovulation occurs during a particular period of time) can all be responsible for variations in your ovulation day.

It's a myth that most women ovulate around day 14 or mid way through a 28 day cycle (although some women do.) Some women have shorter cycles and some women have longer cycles. Some women ovulate earlier or later in their cycle. And some women experience very sporadic ovulation. All of these things can make it inadvisable to just assume that you ovulate on the same day each and every month.

You can easily test yourself using an ovulation predictor or testing. I like the saliva kind, but the urine type is readily available also. When I was trying to become pregnant and was charting my ovulation, I was very surprised to discover that on most months, I ovulated very late in my cycle. While I had assumed that I must be ovulating around day 14 because of my 28 day cycle, this was not at all the case. Most of the time, I ovulated sometime around day 20. There were times that I ovulated as late as day 23 or as early as day 18. Luckily, my sporadic and late ovulation did not impede my ability to become pregnant (that's a myth also.) But it did make planning a bit more challenging.

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Many women will try to gauge ovulation around when their menstrual period occurs. However, in some cases, it is possible to become pregnant without regular (or easily identifiable) menstrual periods. Another misconception is that some women ovulate more than once in any given month or ovulation period. While it is possible to release more than one egg in a month (which is what happens with twins,) those same eggs would be released at roughly the same time - making only one instance of ovulation possible. You can't ovulate or become pregnant twice during the same ovulation period.

What Happens When Your Ovulation Day Changes From Month To Month While You're Trying To Gage Ovulation In Order To Choose Your Baby's Gender?: Well, a changing ovulation day from one month to the next does mean that you have to be more observant and you will need to test yourself more regularly. However, if you are trying to choose your baby's gender, you will need to do this anyway. When you have intercourse is very important because you want to have sex very close to your ovulation day. For a boy baby, you want to have sex after that ovulation day. But for a girl baby, you want to have sex before that ovulation day.

But, when that day becomes a moving target, this becomes more challenging. While it's true that a woman who always ovulates on the same day each and every month is going to have an easier time planning her conception day, a woman who does not have this luxury isn't out of luck. If this is the case for you, then you'll just need to get in the habit of monitoring or checking your ovulation every day with a kit. There are very good saliva kits that will show you that ovulation is approaching. This is important if you are trying for a girl baby.

The point is even if the date or day of your ovulation changes from month to month, as long as it is occurring and you are able to tell when or if it has happened, it is very possible for you to not only become pregnant, but to increase your chances for getting the gender that you want as well.

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I often hear from people who want for me to help them determine the best day and time to try to conceive the baby gender that they want. They are often trying to pin point the exact date and time, right down to the hour. I recently heard from a someone who asked me, in part: "We are trying to conceive a boy baby. I have been told and have read that boy sperm are weaker. And I had a friend suggest that because of this, I should try to conceive in the morning since a man is said to have a higher sperm count in the morning. She also said that she'd heard that men have higher quality sperm after a good night's sleep and after abstaining from sex for the hours that they are asleep. Is all of this true? Is having sex first thing in the morning optimal if you're trying to have a boy baby? Or does it matter at all?" I will discuss this more in the following article.

From my research on this topic, I've found that the idea that sperm counts are higher in the morning is accepted by most. Men undergoing fertility treatments or testing are often asked to give the sperm sample in the morning. However, having a higher sperm count really does not directly affect the ratio of those same sperm. What I mean by this is that while you may get more X and Y sperm produced in the morning (and therefore might have a slightly better chance of getting pregnant,) the presence of more sperm chromosomes does not change the fact that you will likely have the same 50 / 50 ratio of X's to Y's or boy producing sperm to girl producing sperm. Sperm count can be very important if you having fertility issues or having trouble getting pregnant, but it isn't as important as it relates to baby gender.

As to the theory of having higher quality sperm in the morning, this is more controversial. Most agree that abstaining from sex for 2 -3 days before trying to conceive can give you higher sperm counts and better quality sperm. But the 6 - 8 hours of sleep that many of us get doesn't even approach the suggested 48 -72 hour time frame. And while you may benefit from higher quality sperm (since it's true that Y or boy sperm tend to be more weak,) this still doesn't address the ratio of that same sperm as I mentioned above.

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And, the ratio of the sperm matters quite a lot when you are trying to choose your baby's gender. If you want a boy baby, your true goal is to make absolutely sure that the sperm that are trying to fertilize the egg contains much more boy producing sperm than girl producing sperm. This alone increases your chances of getting the boy that you want. But, you should not stop there. Because another thing that greatly affects whether you get a boy or a girl is your vaginal pH. An acidic one is detrimental to those Y's that you've been trying so hard to encourage. Trying to coax the Y's into an acidic environment (where they will only weaken or wither and die) doesn't make much sense and is counter to what you need to be doing.

So my answer to this question would be that it's perfectly fine to have sex in the morning in an attempt to conceive a boy as long as you have also checked your pH and you know that it is alkaline rather than acidic. In my view, you are better off having sex in the evening with an alkaline pH than having sex in the morning with an acidic one. (Granted, most people aren't able to drastically change their pH levels over the course of only one day.)

The final point I'd like to make is this. When we discuss timing regarding conceiving a boy or a girl, we aren't talking about the time of day. We are talking about the time of the month - as it relates to your ovulation and fertility cycle. You want to conceive after ovulation happens because this ensures the health and vitality of those weaker boy sperm that we've been talking about. To me, the timing as it relates to ovulation is much more important than timing is it relates to what the clock says first thing in the morning. So having sex in the morning for a boy baby is fine. But having sex in the morning with an alkaline PH and after ovulation has occurred is much better.

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