If I Don't Talk To Him Will He Come Back: Leave Him Alone He'll Come Back

Going through a heart break is one of the hardest things to do. You are hurt and it consumes your every thought. You just wish you could wave a magic wand and go back in time. You keep playing it over and over. Why? How can he just leave and make it seem so easy while you feel like dying inside? You are hurt, mad and confused and just on an emotional roller coaster. You dream of when and will he come back.

You could beg and plead and try to convince him to come back, but those things don't work. If he does come back after you do that, chances are he is doing it out of guilt and not because he feels it in his heart. If and when you get him back, you want him to walk back into your life of his own free will because only then will you know he is doing it because he truly loves you. If you are begging and pleading, stop this immediately, this only pushes him further away. This will not get your ex back.

The best tactic is to let his imagination work in your favor. You have to stop thinking about instant gratification, in other words what will give you relief now and start thinking about what you want long term. Pull yourself together and stop calling, emailing, texting and do not show up on his doorstep. When you do these things it tells him you are needy and he feels responsible for your happiness. This is too much. Will you get him back like this? The answer is no and you don't want him back like this.

Pull yourself together and stop all contact. He is not going to forget about you if you don't communicate. This is where his imagination kicks in. You will be doing the opposite of what he expects and he will begin to wonder what you are doing and is it possible that you have moved on. His imagination at this point is your best tool to get your ex back..

98% of the time he is going to contact you again. Be ready for this. Don't show emotion, act happy and do not bring up the past and how he hurt you. Remain neutral. Do not even mention the relationship and if he brings it up, act noncommittal. Just say I really don't feel a need to talk about that right now. That will throw him for a loop. Now you may be dying inside, but this is going to create a lot of thoughts in his mind and entice him to call again for more information. You just do this again on the next call and this is when he will make his move if he is coming back. This behavior is what will draw him back to you. If you act emotional, its just going to reinforce all of his fears and validate that him leaving was the right thing to do.

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Losing someone you love through a break up is heart breaking. All you can think about is, will he come back? This question consumes your whole day. I am glad to tell you there are steps you can take to get him back. You need to look forward to the pain and hurt subsiding.

Will He Come Back? The following 20 tips will be a good start to getting him back to you.

1. Figure out why he was attracted to you in the beginning and find that person again.

2. Act like you did when he first met you.

3. Stop all contact. I know this will be difficult but it is the most important step. There will be an appropriate time to start contact. Right now just focus on yourself and the steps to get him back. This means no calling, texting or e-mailing.

4. Take up a new hobby like exercising, basket weaving, painting or dancing. This will occupy your time and raise your spirits while you are working on your plan to get your ex back.

5. Think about if you made him feel appreciated and loved.

6. Keep your mood light and happy. This will be difficult but it is important to not let yourself get depressed. The answer is, yes he will come back.

7. Believe with all of your heart that you hold the power to reunite your relationship.

8. Be open to unconventional methods on how to get him back.

9. Did you let him be the leader and take care of you? A man needs this to feel strong about his relationship.

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10. Know that he will start to wonder if YOU have found someone new.

11. Reflect on what made you fall in love with him. Remember that feeling and let go of all the negatives in the past.

12. Human nature is to want what we can't have. It is your job to become something he wants but stay just out of his reach for now.

13. Curiosity will get the best of him if you follow these steps. He will end up wanting you back.

14. The core of who people are does not change. Make sure you want him back before you begin these steps. Do not put yourself back in a relationship that is not healthy for you.

15. Do Not visit his Facebook or MySpace. Do not talk about him to family or mutual friends. Everyone needs to believe that you are okay with this break up.

16. Don't act desperate and weak. Acting this way will have the opposite effect of what you are trying to achieve.

17. Don't feel sorry for yourself. Get out and start a new life. Everything will be okay in the end.

18. Learn how to communicate effectively without anger. Learning how to fight fair and communicate effectively will enhance your relationship when he comes back.

19. Don't point blame - it took both of you for your relationship to deteriorate to this point. Getting back together will require you to let go of the past.

20. Spend time reading relationship books. You will be amazed at what you can learn about human psychology that will help in every area of your life.

Will he come back? Absolutely, if you understand the process of how to get him back.

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You've been devastated by the fact that the one person you love most has chosen to leave you. Your mind is filled with all sorts of depressing thoughts after the break up which is a natural thing. But you cannot allow your spirit to break and your resolve to get your ex back to waiver; therefore, pull yourself together and here's a plan that will work out.

Instead of consulting people unrelated to your relationship for advice to get back together with your ex, you have to muster up all your courage and face realities. The only way you will get your ex partner back into your life is by conducting a thorough investigation about the actual causes of the break up.

Did your ex call the break up after having a serious confrontation with you? If so, then you have to rectify the source that fueled that argument and of course, you have to give some time to your ex to waive off the emotional hype.

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Most probably it was you who instigated the argument, either directly or indirectly. It could be something that you said or perhaps a habit of yours that your ex didn't like. It doesn't always have to be something groundbreaking to cause a break up in fact, most of the times a small thing causes haywire between two partners.

Try to uproot that problem and your chances of getting your ex back will go sky high. But you also have to do some firefighting to convince your ex that you regret what happened. It's a wise thing to say sorry on your mistakes to your ex but don't overdo things and keep your conversation short and precise.

Your apology will provide your ex with a different perspective about the whole matter. The anger will fade away in a few days and you will notice that your ex is hinting on stepping close to you once again.

Let's not forget that there is a serious bond of love between the two of you and it only needed to resurface again. Just try out this plan and you'll get your ex back again.

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Are you having problems in your relationship? Do you feel like your relationship is heading for a dead end but don't know how to stop it? Do you want relationship problem advice that can help you to save your relationship? If things in your relationship have gotten out of control and you have hurt each other, it can seem impossible to heal it. However, with some relationship problem advice, your relationship can be on the road to recovery.


The first step to relationship recovery is to forgive one another. This bit of relationship problem advice can be extremely difficult and won't happen overnight. Forgiveness comes with time. Forgiveness comes with learning to trust one another again. Talk to one another about what has happened and how it made the two of you to feel. Don't use accusatory statements and avoid blaming one another. Be mindful of each other's feelings and be understanding of your partner.

Taking accountability

Be accountable for your own actions in the relationship. Don't place the blame for the things that you have done on your partner. You also need to be accountable for your own feelings. You cannot expect your partner to be responsible for your feelings. Your happiness is your own responsibility, not your partner's.

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Be truthful

This one is particularly important if the damage to your relationship is a result of cheating or lying. You need to be honest with your partner no matter what. By trying to spare their feelings, you can cause even more damage to the relationship. If you have done something that could hurt your partner and you are dishonest, your partner will probably find out eventually. If the truth doesn't come from you, it can hurt your partner even more. Try to have compassion and be truly sorry for anything that you have done to hurt your partner in your relationship. Listen to your partner's feelings and avoid being upset with how they feel.

Communicate your expectations

Talk about where your relationship is and where you want it to go. Make both short term and long term goals. Talk about what exactly what you expect from your partner and listen to your partner's expectations are from you. Keep expectations reasonable. Give each other time and be mindful of each other's feelings. Respect each other's differences and try to find some mutual ground. If you can't agree on something, try to make compromises.

Learn to appreciate one another

Both you and your partner want to feel loved and accepted for who you are. Learn how to appreciate each other. Appreciate the small things and the big things that your partner does. Let them know how grateful you are that they are sharing their time and life with you. Look for the positive qualities and learn to accept the things that your partner needs to work on. Everyone has not so attractive qualities. Learning how to allow your partner to be imperfect will help your partner to grow and love you.

Give it time

Healing a hurt relationship takes time, particularly when really hurtful things have happened. In order for your relationship to heal, you will have to work at it constantly. This may seem frustrating, but in order to heal your relationship, it is important. All of the relationship problem advice in the world can't help your relationship if you aren't willing to put forth the work.

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