Among the looming threats of life, chronic kidney disease is the one to become the major and sole reason behind the high mortality and morbidity of the life of humans. The management and treatment of the condition are very important and while doing this a great strain comes on the healthcare system of that nation. Chronic kidney disease is a global health issue that needs a permanent solution to it. In this, a great favor to the humankind can be done by the Ayurvedic medicine for chronic kidney disease. On average, only in India, every year around one lakh people look for kidney transplants after reaching the end stage of kidney disease. In other words, we can say that every year there are chances for one lakh people to lose their life due to kidney failure. This is because of the availability and affordability factor of the treatment. Moreover, it is not always important that kidney transplant gives a positive result. Most of the time, the complications and risks overburden the positive results of the surgery.

The high burden of some chronic health issues like diabetes and high blood pressure results in the increase of chronic kidney disease every year in India. In order to escape all these challenges, Ayurvedic medicine for chronic kidney disease can be a great help. According to the treatment of CKD in Ayurveda, it can be cured permanently and the losses can be reversed. The therapeutic guidelines of treatment of kidney diseases in Ayurveda suggest some measures that help ideally and successfully in the management of a health hazard like chronic kidney disease. Given below are some of the selected management techniques that you too can try and prevent CKD.

  • Administer blood pressure
  • Monitor the health of the kidneys
  • Take care of your glucose need
  • Develop a diet plan

Administer blood pressure

As we all know and study in many places that high blood pressure is one of the major causative factors of chronic kidney disease. So, the first thing that is required to do is to take control of the pressure of the blood. High blood pressure damages the filters and vessels of the kidneys in the worst way, therefore its maintenance is the first step towards the management of CKD. One should make some plans such as consumption of food low in sodium, intake of heart-fit food, giving up on bad habits like smoking, becoming active, and taking proper sleep to keep the value of the blood pressure right. Sleep is an underrated Ayurvedic medicine for chronic kidney disease. Proper rest keeps the pressure of the blood under control.

Monitor the health of the kidneys

One should always track the changes that might be coming in the function of the kidneys. When you check your kidneys condition on a regular basis you can easily detect any issue in the kidneys. While monitoring the health of the kidneys one should always aim to keep the glomerular filtration rate constant and to keep the amount of protein in the urine low or same. There are various herbal Ayurvedic medicines for chronic kidney disease that can assist in taking good care of the kidneys and protein value in the urine. Unwanted or absurd leakage of protein in urine can be a sign of the bad health of the kidneys.

Take care of your glucose need

Along with hypertension, diabetes is another factor that can result in the generation of a condition like chronic kidney disease in humans. One should check the level of glucose in the body on a regular basis so that any up or down can be taken care of in time. Ayurvedic medicine for chronic kidney disease like punarnava helps in the management of prompt blood sugar levels. Moreover, one can plan a diabetes meal with his or her dietitian.

Develop a diet plan

It is very significant that you eat right while you are suffering from chronic kidney disease. Eating right at this time helps in the alleviation of waste inside the body and supports the good health of the kidneys. It helps in the management of kidneys’ condition, keeps the blood sugar level in control, and eventually helps in the prevention of CKD and the risk of many health hazards.

In addition, take care of the prescribed Ayurvedic medicine for chronic kidney disease and consume it timely for the best results.

There are some other changes and good habits that can help you in the management of CKD such as maintaining a healthy weight because obesity can result in the failure of the kidneys. Also, say no to the habit of smoking and drinking. In such time it is normal to have some emotional imbalances. Hence, one should look for some healthy ways to come out of depression and other emotional losses. Do physical activity daily and practice yoga.

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I am an enthusiastic writer who loves research and writing about topics that are lesser-known. Recently, I came across Karma Ayurveda which has adopted the methods of ayurvedic treatment to deal with chronic kidney diseases and it piqued my interest. I found their methods quite resourceful and interesting.