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I want to write a book...but are you sure you want to be a writer? You may think it sounds good and romantic - but I've found over here in provincial New Zealand that the "very down to-earth Kiwis" (New Zealanders) are not impressed one bit. Even back in my homeland, South Africa, no-one believed what I was saying for years - until they had my first book in their hands. Dreamer!

Firstly, a word of warning...

Writing is hard lonely work in probably the world's most solitary occupation. In fact, writing books usually doesn't make one rich - like all creative endeavours. There are only one or two Wilbur Smith's, James Michener's, Frederick Forsyths and Jefferey Archer's around. Most other writers barely scrape a living. Like me! The situation is far worse in a small country like New Zealand, where the average first print run is only 2000-3000 copies and even their most famous writers earn "peanuts".

Because of it's very small population, I took a broader world view with my work and went for the UK market (population 60 million, as opposed to the 4 million Kiwis). It was very much harder and took a lot longer time - 2 1/2 to 3 years from the time that I finished my first book 'How to Survive the Nineties'. Never mind, in the end it's all worth it. At least I hope so!

It's a great feeling to hold YOUR book in your own hand, a book containing your unique ideas, thoughts and visions. It's a part of you, which you are sharing a little bit with the world.

But it's not easy. Otherwise everyone would be doing it. All writers have to accept be prepared for many disappointments along the way. Then when you taste success, you feel great.

A good book to get you started is



So as the Nike ad says,

Just DO IT

Then hopefully one day I'll see your name in print or on the www.


Good luck* and happy writing

Craig Lock (Eagle Productions Books)

* Wasn't that once defined as where 'preparedness meets opportunity'

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