I Told My Ex I Missed Him and He Didn't Reply: Told My Ex I Miss Him No Response

I'm sorry your relationship with your ex boyfriend didn't work out and you miss him dearly and need to figure out what to do. I know you still love him and think your relationship is still worth fighting for? I know you miss your ex and I would like to help you get him back, if that's what's best for you and your ex boyfriend.

Relationships are complicated and just when we think we have figured it out we realize we haven't got a clue. Things often times are not what they appear to be. Sometimes there are no major issues in the relationship that make you think a break up is coming. You start to see slight changes in your boyfriend's behavior like he doesn't call or come around as much as he use to. Then before you know it he tells you things aren't working out and he's gone.

It's not that relationships are that difficult but people are. It's hard to know exactly why your ex boyfriend decided to throw in the towel unless he is totally honest with you or unless you did something, like cheated on him. Depending on the reason for the breakup your ex boyfriend may or may not miss you. I would bet that he does but he probably has too much pride to say so. What do I do to get my ex girlfriend back is probably what he is thinking.

What can you do to get your ex back? Is it possible to make your ex miss you like crazy?

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So you miss your ex boyfriend and want to know what do I do?

First you need to take a little time to refresh yourself. You have just been through a traumatic painful experience. Take a little time to figure out what makes you happy. Do some of those things that you loved to do before he came along. No sitting around crying and playing your favorite love songs. There will be time for that once you get your ex boyfriend back.

Take advantage of the time apart to figure out the three biggest reasons why you think your ex boyfriend decided to breakup. Figure out how or what you could have done differently to positively influence the situation to make your relationship stronger. There may be something that you were doing that caused tension of negative feelings between you and your ex boyfriend. You want to avoid making the same mistakes once you get back together with your boyfriend. Don't miss the opportunity to be better prepared when you get your ex boyfriend back.

Once you are prepared with what to say and how to respond to his questions, reach out to your ex boyfriend and let him know that you intend to win his love back and that you understand some of the reasons why he left. You also can let him know that during your time away you have had a chance to examine your life and relationship with him. Let him know that you are not expecting him to jump right back into the relationship but you do expect to rekindle your relationship at some point in the near future. The key is to make sure you are ready before you make that call.

I know your question is what do I do to get my ex boyfriend back because I miss him.

The good news is you don't have to figure out how to get your ex boyfriend back all by yourself. There is no need for you to try to tackle this without getting some expert tips and strategies.

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You want to end a relationship, but you don't want to leave your partner or you feeling completely hurt or guilty. How can you do that then, without causing too much damage?

Well, it's simple! Use these 5 ways to break it off smoothly...

Tip #1 To End A Relationship: Withdraw

When you withdraw from someone, you automatically force them to literally be turned off. Of course in between he/she may start arguing with you in attempts to get your attention on them again, but if you hold your ground, they will eventually lose interest in you and will themselves move on.

This is one of the best ways to do it, because they won't know you are doing it, and it can be done in a rather smooth manner.

Tip #2 To End A Relationship: Become Boring

Did you know that cheaters most often cheat because they are bored in the relationship? Well, if you want your partner to move on and find someone else, all you have to do is literally become boring.

Immerse yourself into work, or your schooling. Start to talk about subjects which you know your partner absolutely finds boring. Also, quit being spontaneous and when they try to argue with you, don't even put up a fight. Just let them win always.

Eventually your partner will grow so bored that he/she will easily break it off with you.

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Tip #3 To End A Relationship: Argue About Everything

Alright, now this is where it starts to get a little bit nasty. You will literally argue about everything. Even when there is nothing to argue about, start arguing! Your partner will eventually grow tired of this, and will start to think you are immature or unstable, or emotionally distraught, but let them think this.

It will turn them off of the idea of being with you, and they will feel misunderstood constantly. The fact that you will have him/her walking on egg shells all the time will finally make him/her crack and want to break up with you.

Tip #4 To End A Relationship: Become EXTREMELY Insecure

What is worse than a person who argues all the time? Well a person who suddenly becomes insecure. To become insecure, you simply have to act as if you are not good enough, and ask for your partner's approval on LITERALLY everything.

Say things like "I think I'm ugly. What do you think?"...Let them answer and then say "So you do think I'm ugly".

Continue this on to the point where your partner literally wants you to just go out into the world on your own and "work on" your insecurities. Remember that the insecurities don't always have to be in relation to looks. They can be in relation to anything, such as sexuality, money, abilities etc...

Tip #5 To End A Relationship: Do The Things Your Partner ABSOLUTELY Hates

By now you know your partner's pet peeves. Which is a good thing, because you can use those to your advantage here. You can simply start doing all of the things he/she hates on a regular basis.

Eventually your partner will get so sick of you getting on his/her nerves that they will easily break it off with you.

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Do thoughts of your most recent breakup still fill your mind? Are you still trying to cope with the constant recurrence of misery, loneliness, and anxiety? Have you been thinking about nothing but wanting to get your ex boyfriend back? If you said yes, then you'll need to learn how to use the power of text messaging to successfully win him back.

You might have tried sending your ex boyfriend a couple of text messages and gotten no replies. This might've made you feel awful. Your emotions have gone haywire, so having that ugly sinking feeling is totally normal at this point. The good thing is that there is still a way to get your ex boyfriend back in your arms. This article shows advice on how to proceed on doing that.

Prior to anything else, you should know that complaining about not receiving text messages from your ex boyfriend shouldn't be done. This only lowers your self-esteem and you are exhausting your emotions over someone who no longer acknowledges you or doesn't want to do anything with you. Your ex boyfriend may be ignoring you right now, but you need believe in the possibility of him falling for you again in the future. It has happened before, it can happen again. So just relax and think about how you want him to think about you before sending him another text message.

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If he has been ignoring the first couple of messages that you've sent him, then it's advisable to stop sending him text messages altogether. There's no point texting someone who wouldn't give you even just one text message back. This will make him think that you are capable of being independent and that his absence doesn't bother you. It will show him that you are no longer interested in running after him, as well.

After a devastating breakup, you should try to find happiness elsewhere and focus on yourself. Go on a emotional hiatus and eliminate all the negative emotions that have been troubling you since you two split up. Go out and do things you haven't done before, like new hobbies or interests. Do things that would take your mind off of your ex boyfriend.

Once you've managed to feel better and gotten yourself together, you can then focus on thinking about how to use text messages to get your ex boyfriend back. That is, of course, if you still want him back by that time.

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Do you want to be able to know how your ex thinks, and control it so that he/she wont reject, ignore, or be rude to you ever again? Well that may sound wrong, but hey, that is exactly what you need to do! By using these tricks, you can instantly get results from your ex, which you wouldn't get through any other tricks! Here is how you can pull your ex back by using these psychological tactics...

Ignore your ex - this is actually controlling your ex, and the reason it does, is because it will instantly make your ex feel rejected. Upon feeling this, your ex will begin thinking about you and wondering if you are moving on, who you are seeing etc... then your ex will become freaked out, and will then seek your attention, because they will hate being ignored.

Get happy - Being negative and depressed about the break up solves nothing, and in fact ruins your chances. Be the person that you think your ex will actually want, and when you think about it, your ex probably doesn't want someone who is depressed. As well, when you become happy, your ex will instantly become suspicious and will wonder why you are so happy, because he/she was expecting you to remain miserable and chase him/her. So this will get your ex curious to find out why you are so happy.

Flirt with your ex's friends - This trick will make your ex instantly jealous. He/she will not be able to stand the idea of you with someone else, let alone one of his/her friends. This will cause your ex to chase you, just because he/she will be afraid of losing you forever.

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