I Keep Thinking About Getting Pregnant: All I Can Think About Is Having A Baby

Getting pregnant and giving birth of a child is not very tough for every woman. This is a basic instinct that every woman deserves it. Getting pregnant is the very natural thing in the world. But all the women in the world are not so lucky. There are some women who find this natural thing very toughest task of their life. They try month after month to get pregnant but not able to accomplish their goal. Some women have to fight very hard to get pregnant naturally. Many of them who think that this is a natural thing and we cannot do anything about it.

What do I really need to do to get pregnant? Is it possible to reverse and eliminate infertility?

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How to treat infertility and how to get pregnant fast and naturally is the question that is rising very fatly in all over the world. The word infertility refers to an abnormal incapability to give birth of a child by natural way. A couple who is not able to conceive their own child after one year of regular, well-timed and unprotected sex is called as infertile couples. If a woman is getting pregnant but not able to carry her pregnancy till the birth of her child is also defined as infertility.

There are several causes of infertility. If you are a woman, there are few causes of infertility that you should be aware. In most cases the female infertility are caused by ovulation problems. There are no eggs is fertilized without ovulation. If your menstrual period is absent or not regular, it means you are not ovulating normally. This problem is often caused by PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and PCOS is hormone imbalance problem. A woman's age is also an important reason of female infertility. After a stage of life, reproductive system of women begins to decrease every year with high speed. When a woman enters in her age of thirty and forty the producing quantity of eggs getting lowered and that leads to female infertility.

If a couple is not able to conceive their child, it doesn't mean that they should immediately rush to doctors. This is quite natural that you should go to check your problem but infertility treatments are very expensive and it may have some side effects also which may harm you and your unborn baby. There are so much of natural things which can help you in treating your infertility and you can get pregnant naturally. Natural methods are very easy to follow and you may not have to spend your hard earned money on the treatment of infertility.

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It is not exaggerating at any level to give a say that getting pregnant is an issue. This is because not getting pregnant is a simple problem to overcome if the couple has a 'Will' to launch the program for conceiving with coordination. However, it is very delicate if the pregnancy symptoms to appear go on delaying. Most couples are not feeling comfortable when their efforts are going waste in trying to conceive. Here are easy ways of getting pregnant so that you step in to follow and make your dreams getting 'live'.

Check your ovulation period: You know well that you, women, are fertile to get pregnant during your period. If your menstrual cycle has 28 days, the ovulation day is the 14th day from the first day of period. As the life of a sperm runs to 7 days, chances of getting pregnant are more if you are making sex during the 7 days around the ovulation day.

Have an ovulation calendar: You may have an ovulation calendar to fix the right day of ovulation. The menstruation calendar can be comfortable for you to note down the date and duration of period you have every month. The ovulation calendar or ovulation calculator is a mirror of your fertile period to help getting pregnant. The handy calendar can be helpful when you are to consult your doctor.

Keep a fertility chart: Among the tips for getting pregnant, keeping a fertility chart is as important as keeping a calendar or calculator. The chart can help you track your menstrual cycle and the ovulation day.

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Regular check ups: It is essential that you have periodic check ups with your doctor to confirm your pregnancy following your efforts on getting pregnant fast. A regular check up is needed to keep yourself free from any obstacles or health issues when you are constantly trying to conceive a baby.

Avoid risk of taking drugs: Taking prescription medication if needed can be had only with the consultation of your doctor. If you choose, for any reason, to getting counter prescription drugs can be harmful with all potentials.

Use ovulation kit: If you are choosing to use ovulation kit, it can be highly helping you as the best friend to monitor your fertility chances. Using ovulation kit is safer than calendar to indicate the exact day of ovulation period.

Make your sex fun: Making your sex funny with a little seriousness to your whims can be motivating you to achieve your goal of getting pregnant as anticipated.

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I sometimes hear from couples who are trying to gauge the right time of the month to try to conceive a girl or a boy baby. For whatever reason, many seem to see "the end of the month" as an optimal time. I often hear comments like: "if I have sex and conceive at the end of the month, will I get a girl or a boy baby? What date is best?"

The thing is, many that are asking the question actually mean different things. Sometimes, what they mean is conceiving at the end of the calendar month. So an example would be that they would be trying to conceive on August 31st or at the end of or last week of August (or any other month you want to use to fill in the blank.)

Other times, people are talking about the end of the month of their fertility or menstrual cycle. So they might mean at the end of their menstrual period or at the end of their fertility period (or when they believe that they have ovulated.) So, let's go over these scenarios one by one.

Conceiving at a certain time during a calendar month doesn't by itself make you more likely to conceive either gender. The reason for this is that the date of the calendar month doesn't have anything to do with when you've ovulated, whether the X or Y sperm fertilizes your egg, and what you've been eating. All of these things are very important and come into play, while the date on the calendar generally is not important and does not come into play.

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Ultimately, the determining factor of whether you get a boy or a girl comes down to whether an X (girl) or Y (boy) fertilizes your egg. And the boy or girl producing sperm don't come out in greater numbers at the end of the month (or any other time during the calendar month.) They are in a roughly 50 / 50 ratio no matter what the calendar says.

However, the end of your menstrual or fertility month is an entirely different matter. The end of your menstrual cycle generally does not indicate ovulation or the ability to get pregnant. Most women have at least a week or more after the end of their period before ovulation is even possible. (Every woman is different of course so this is not an absolute, but it's true for most women.)

Now, if you conceive at the end of your fertility cycle (which means you have sex and conceive after you've ovulated and your egg is ready to be fertilized) that does make you slightly more likely to conceive a boy because this timing is more favorable to the faster boy (Y) sperm that don't live as long. The Y's do better when you conceive later in the cycle because they don't have to wait for the egg (which is good if you want a son but not so good if you want a daughter.)

I hope this answered your question about conceiving late in the month. It often doesn't matter all that much whether it's the last week or the first week on the calendar. Ovulation can happen on any day of the month depending on the woman involved. And ovulation (as well as the optimal PH) are really the most important variables in choosing your baby's gender, no matter what the calendar says.

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I sometimes hear from people who don't believe that they have much time to try to set up the right combination of circumstances to choose their baby's gender. A common example of this is someone who is sure that they have ovulated but who still wants to try to conceive a baby girl. I recently heard from a woman who had just gotten a positive reading in the morning, but her husband would not return home until much later that evening. She said: "I know that I have ovulated which is really frustrating because I know that you are more likely to get a boy after ovulation. However, I don't want to wait to try to conceive. I want to try now. Is there anything that I can do to make it more likely to I will get a girl even when I have already ovulated and am not willing to wait an entire month to try again?"

This situation is not one that was ideal, but that doesn't mean that this couple couldn't try anyway. The reason that it's thought that the chances are greater of getting a boy after ovulation is that the boy sperm do not live for very long. If you conceive before ovulation, not many of them are left to compete for the egg. But by conceiving after your egg is ready, you're ensuring that the Y or boy sperm are present in greater numbers. This is not optimal from a statistical standpoint, but when you consider that the boy or Y sperm are faster than the girl or X sperm, then the picture becomes more clear. It's a much better idea to conceive before ovulation for a girl for those reasons.

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However, sometimes, for whatever reason, conceiving before ovulation isn't possible for you. In that case, the next weapon in your arsenal would be tweaking your PH. See, the other thing besides time that is detrimental to the Y's or boy producing sperm is acidity. They are weaker and acidity exploits this already present problem. There are basically three ways to tweak your acidity: diet; douching; or both together. Changing your PH through dieting is the slowest of the three processes. It takes days or weeks to see results, so diet or food was not an option in this situation. Douching was the most likely way to achieve the quick results that this person was after. The most logical way to go about this would be for her to test her PH, she how acidic she already was, and then use a douche solution based on her reading at the time.

With this done, she could go back and test again and then tweak again as needed. One word of caution though. You don't want to start douching too early in the day. You want to give yourself enough time to make any adjustments but not so much time that the results are not going to last long for sexual intercourse later. The final piece of the puzzle would be to use shallow penetration when having sex. This gives additional obstacles and distances to those weak Y sperm and means that they spend more hard time in a vaginal environment that has been hopefully made even more detrimental to them.

So in this scenario, while there probably would be more Y or boy sperm present (which wouldn't be the case if conception happened before ovulation) those that were present would hopefully be slowed down, weakened, or killed off by that acidic environment enhanced by shallow penetration.

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