I Have Been Trying To Get Pregnant For A Year Now Any Advice: Struggling To Get Pregnant

A couple would love to have a child and hope the woman conceives and gives birth to a beautiful baby. One assumes that the couple is fertile and resort to intercourse on a regular basis. Eventually, impregnation takes place. Proceeding in the natural way, there is no predicting when the sperm will fertilize the ovum and there are cases where pregnancy takes a year or even two to occur. Knowing a few facts will help a woman achieve successful conception fast and easily. Follow these tips to succeed in conceiving the fast and easy way.

1. Start with a diet plan that includes plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grain and a balanced mix of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Both partners should exercise and keep fit. Modify lifestyle if needed to minimize stress, late hours and absolutely avoid alcohol, drugs and smoking. If you are on medication then this might also affect chances of impregnation. Both partners should have a thorough medical checkup.

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2. Know your menstrual cycle and thus the time when you are likely to ovulate. The best time for conception is when ovulation takes place and this happens from the first day of the menstrual cycle after the period is over. The menstrual cycle is a period of 28 days and days 13 to 16 from the day of the period could offer the most chances of pregnancy to happen. The other ways to find out when ovulation has occurred is to measure the vaginal temperature, which is noticeably higher when the egg is released. When ovulation occurs, the vaginal mucus is thinner than usual, more in quantity, and this can be taken as another indicator. A sign that ovulation is occurring is an increased sex drive and tenderness in the breast area. Some women retain water when ovulating, some report a swollen vagina or vulva and state that the cervix position is high and soft, some have headaches and nausea and some break out into spots. A sure way is to get an ovulation prediction kit if you do not wish to bother with tracking and checking.

3. Engaging in sexual intercourse when ovulation occurs offers the most chances of success at conception. Another factor is the position. Recommended positions are the missionary style, the doggy style, the side-by-side style and elevated hip position where the sperm is deposited closer to the cervix. A woman should not get up immediately after sex. A couple should set the tone and mood for lovemaking and if it is paced to enable a woman to achieve orgasm, the resulting cervical contractions will aid in pregnancy. Especially before and during the period when ovulation occurs, have regular, enjoyable sex, taking time out specially to be together.

A normally fertile couple should see happy results by adopting these simple ways. Women in the age group of 30 to 40 years find it difficult to conceive easily but these ways certainly should help in conceiving faster. If concerted efforts do not bear fruit, especially in women 35 and older, for a long time, the couple could consider in-vitro fertilization methods after a thorough check up of both partners involved.

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Contrary to popular belief that discontinuing contraceptive pills is surefire way to get pregnant fast, there are lot of other things that you must keep in mind while trying to get pregnant. If you have been on contraceptive pills for a long time, chances are that you will take longer to get pregnant than those who are not using any medication to avoid pregnancy.

Following is a list of what you must avoid if you are trying to conceive

• Avoid Smoking - If you are a smoker, you must quit it as soon as possible. Not only will it help you conceive faster but will also enable you have a healthy baby.

• Avoid Caffeine - Any kind of stimulant that contains caffeine should be avoided as much as possible. Green tea, cocoa, coffee and even colas are not recommended during this period.

• No Alcohol - It goes without saying that alcohol is even more harmful for pregnancy than above mentioned stimulants. Stop drinking, if you do.

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• No Scented toiletries - Avoid scented vaginal sprays, douches and tampons. The idea is to make vaginal environment more receptive to sperms. The chemicals in scented douches and tampons hamper the movement of sperms.

• Avoid Stress- Many people are not aware that stress also plays a major role in hampering your pregnancy. Try to live a tension free life and enjoy love making instead of using it just as a method to get pregnant.

• Avoid medication - Unless recommended by doctor, you must avoid unnecessary medications. It not just contraceptive pills but all other kind of unnecessary medications hamper you chance of conceiving.

Apart from the list of things to avoid there is a huge list what you must do if you want to conceive very fast. It is always better to get the advice of those who have successfully tried and tested different systems of getting pregnant.

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I sometimes hear from people who are trying to become pregnant and they would like to choose their baby's gender naturally. But, because they are a little older, they are worried that their age may become a factor and will hurt their chances of getting the gender that they want.

I heard from a woman who said: "I just got married, but this is my second marriage. I don't have any children but I want kids with my new husband. The problem is that I am 38 and he is 43. Are you more likely to conceive boys or girls as you get older? Because neither of us are all that young anymore, but we really want a boy baby." I will address these concerns below.

To be honest, your age doesn't have a lot to do with your baby's gender. It is possible for sperm count to diminish with age (for men) and for ovulation to become a little more irregular with age (for women,) and both of these things can make it a little more difficult to conceive. However, they have little implication on your baby's gender.

Let's look at it this way. Let's say that this woman's 43 year old husband was producing slightly less sperm than he was when he was 25. Even so, he was still producing enough sperm for her to become pregnant. And if he was like most normal and healthy men, he was producing equal amounts of X and Y sperm chromosomes. So he would still have equal chances of getting a boy or a girl. Or, here's another way to look at it. Let's say that he was producing 100 sperm chromosomes at age 25. (This isn't even remotely accurate. Men produce far more than this, but I am using this number because it is easy for my calculations.) Roughly 50 of these chromosomes should be girl producing and 50 should be boy producing. Now, let's say that at age 43 his sperm count declined slightly so that he was only producing 80 sperm chromosomes. Along those sakes lines, 40 would be X's (girl producing) and 40 would be Y's (boy producing,) give or take a few. This still gives him a 50 / 50 chance of getting either gender. Because what determines gender is which sperm chromosome fertilizes the egg.

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However, with that said, it is important to know that women or mother's to be have a role in all of this also. While the woman's egg doesn't have much to do with baby gender, when she ovulates as this relates to when she conceives does matter. For example, when women conceive before ovulation, they have a better chance to conceive a girl. When they conceive after ovulation, their chance for a boy conception rises.

But while an older woman's ovulation may be a little more sporadic, this doesn't have anything to do with her ability to gauge their ovulation and to plan accordingly. Even with sporadic ovulation (and not all older women experience this) you can use an ovulation predictor and still pinpoint your ovation just fine.

Here's one more thing to consider. When a woman's vaginal PH is acidic, this helps make a girl more likely while an alkaline PH favors a boy conception. But there is no evidence that a woman's age is a factor in her PH. While her diet or douching can change PH, age doesn't appear to.

So to answer the question posed, people who are a little older have the same odds of conceiving a girl or boy as people in their 20s if they are conceiving naturally. And those odds are roughly 50 / 50. Now if you wanted to naturally change these odds, you could play with your timing and tweak the woman's PH and the sexual positions used. But if you did nothing, you would have the same odds (more or less) for both genders.

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How to induce your own labor is a question many late term and overdue expectant women are wondering about. When you've been to your doctor and he or she tells you that the baby is ready for delivery but that you're not dilating yet, it's disappointing. When you are anxiously awaiting labor to begin it feels as though every moment that passes becomes longer and longer. If you know that it's safe for the baby to be delivered, there are things you can do to induce labor yourself.

Eggplant Parmesan is not only delicious it may also be the answer to the question of how to induce your own labor. This may seem like it should fall into the category of old wives' tales but it seems to actually work for many women. Some people think it works because two of the ingredients typically found in this hearty Italian dish, basil and oregano, can cause contractions to start. This seems like a great reason to treat yourself to a dinner at a nice restaurant while you're waiting for labor to start.

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Red raspberry leaf tea is also an approach that many women take when they want to start the delivery process. This is a tea that you can readily find in just about every health food store. It's tasty and it's soothing. You can actually drink it throughout your pregnancy and the reason some people suggest it when you want to induce labor yourself is that it's believed that the tea helps to control contractions. If you enjoy tea it's certainly worth trying to see what results you do get.

Walking is also one of the answers to the question of how to induce your own labor. Walking is great for both the body and the mind and it can help the expectant mom to relax. It's difficult to focus on anything but the baby when you are near the end of your pregnancy so having a change of scenery and getting in a little exercise is very helpful. Be careful not to strain yourself and walk only at a pace that's comfortable for you. Don't try and push yourself too hard. That won't be helpful to you or the baby.

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