I Dumped Him Will He Come Back: How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back When You Screwed Up

If you acted like an idiot by dumping your boyfriend, and now you are desperate to want him back, follow these steps to make him look your way once more:

Express your regret
Tell him how stupid it was of you to decide to dump him without much thought and no valuable reason. Show him that you want to reverse the act that you made through words and actions.

Don't be too pushy
Don't force too hard to get him back. Being dumped is not a funny thing and it could get to his nerves especially that men are egoistic. Dumping him would really strike his ego, so it's a consequence to wait for him until he is ready.

Give him space when he explicitly asks for it
Try to be away from him for a while. It's more effective to win back a guy by being far away from him than by being around him always. Give him some time to breathe and gather his thoughts. Set a distance for him to mend his broken heart.

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Say an apology
Say sorry to him and express your apology verbally and non-verbally. The first step to consider when wanting forgiveness is by asking for one. Guilt and hesitance may hinder you from saying sorry, be strong and gather enough courage to face him again.

Talk to him-it's that basic!
Talk about the relationship that went sour and about your childish act of dumping him. Tell him your reasons and explain your side. Your explanation can open his thought and will make him realize his faults on what made you dump him.

Give him a strong assurance
Being dumped is something that nobody wants to feel again and again. Try to promise him that you will not do it again. Assure him that you will not hurt him again by dumping him without a probable cause.

Don't set demands
If you want to win him back, do not appear to be needy and dependent on him. Never set demands as well on how you want to go on with your relationship instead, try to compromise and meet halfway.

Before deciding to do something stupid that you might regret later on, always think twice. If you love your boyfriend don't give him any inch of a reason to doubt your love for him. Never take him for granted, you'll never know how much a person is worth until he's gone.

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There are mainly three ways or approaches to get your ex to come back to you - the aggressive way, the conservative way, and a mixture of the two ways. However every way has its own cons and pros.

- Aggressive way:

This is the most popular choice for majority of people, think about someone who was dumped by an ex, what are his or her feelings? S/he might be bad-tempered, s/he would barge into his/her ex 's place and argue with him/her about the reasons why s/he was dumped. S/he might plead his/ her ex to come back, this is the aggressive way as we think at the first glance, actually this is not even a good aggressive "road map" that can get results.

A good aggressive way is to be assertive to get your ex back, trying to meet your ex at almost every chance you could possibly get. Meet your ex at parties, social gatherings, malls, and at mutual friends' events.

Be nice, confident and attractive all the time whether you had a chance to communicate with them or not. Be gentle with them, talk to them casually and never try to ignore them. Remember: you are talking to them because you are in the same circle and not because you want them to come back to you.

Actually the aggressive way has the best chances of success if done correctly, but it is too dangerous, because it can backfire at you anytime. It is like investment in stock markets, you can get it all or lose it all.

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- Conservative way:

This is the choice that has a low popularity between people who had broken up with their loved ones. Its chances for success are low, but it is a safe way that won't backfire at you. With this way you still have a relationship with your ex as a friend -may be for life- even if you had no chance that you can get them to come back to you. If you are not mainly interested in your ex to come back to you and your main goal is to keep a friendship with them, this is the way for you.

But you still have the chance, if you are still treated as a friend of your ex and you let things come naturally based on a long term plan.

If getting them to come back to you is not a priority, if you see them at social gathering then let it be - otherwise you are fine. Then you have to talk to them openly, but do not scare them away.

As your friendship tightens with your ex, remind him/her about your old good days, and that you still think about him/her and about getting back to him/her. Don't push him/her too much, the less the better in this case. It will be his/her decision at last without your intervention, that is why this way might be successful, think about it this way: you have a win-win situation if you can keep him/her as a friend or you can get him/her to come back to you.

- Hybrid way:

It is a mixture of the aggressive way and the conservative way. In love as in anything else there might be some compromises and middle way approaches, you can first behave gently and give your ex time and space to heal and get over the feelings that forced them to leave you. At one point the two conflicting feelings, the ones that made them leave you and the ones that made them love you at the first place are neutralized, you can begin being aggressive at the right time and place. But as the aggressive approach if you have screwed it up you can lose your ex both as a friend and as a partner.

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Text messages can be quite controversial to use to get your ex boyfriend back and because of this, a lot of women think long and hard before jumping on the bandwagon.

Of course, it doesn't help that a lot of relationship advice circulating in the World Wide Web nowadays say that trying to text an ex boyfriend back wouldn't be advisable, in general. The good news is that there are some dating gurus online who see how powerful text messages can be to reignite the communication lines with an ex boyfriend, though.

What should you do, then? Should you try your luck at texting your ex boyfriend back or try to do so through other ways? Well, it really just boils down on what your plans look like. If you have concrete plans on how to get your ex boyfriend back through text, then go for it. If you are just planning to wing it and listen to your gut, then you might want to avoid texting him instead. It's that easy.

See, although there is nothing wrong with text messages per se, there are some women who simply do not know how to text guys to begin with. This makes them look desperate, needy and insecure in the end when they try to. Some women get extremely pushy, too, and try to force or blackmail their ex boyfriends into replying to them.

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So, before grabbing that mobile phone, keep these things in mind first:

- Make sure all of your text messages make sense and have a purpose behind them.

- Do not threaten your ex boyfriend just so that he will reply to you.

- Stay as nice and as happy as you can when you text.

- Compliment him a little bit every now and then.

If you need some sample text messages that you can send to get your ex boyfriend back, then here you go:

- "Have you seen Ben Stiller's new movie yet? Reminded me of your Zoolander impressions. So happy we're still friends."

- "I heard John Mayer is in town. You must be really excited, huh? I hope you're doing well."

- "There was this husky in the park today. Made me think of you and how much you love huskies. Have a good weekend."

These text messages will work when trying to get your ex boyfriend back because they simply remind your ex of positive things and compliment him a little bit at the same time. Try them!

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When you and your ex broke up, he/she walked out saying that he/she needed space to think things over. You can understand this - everyone needs time alone now and again. The only thing is, how much time will your ex need before you can try getting your ex back?

This is an extremely difficult question to answer. Each and every one of us is different with different wants, needs, and opinions. Some of us want and need more, while others can do with a whole lot less. There is no difference with the situation you're in. No one, not even your ex can say how much space he/she will need to think things over.

Getting your ex back now means that you are going to have to exercise patience until your ex is ready to talk to you again. It means that you are going to have to accept the fact that you are not going to see you ex for some time - it could be a few days, it could be weeks or even months - nobody knows.

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At this point in time you should make getting your ex back the last of your priorities. You are not sure how long it is going to take, so it will be a real waste of your time and energy to think about it all the time. Make yourself your top priority right now.

Your break up was an extremely traumatic experience for you, so put all thoughts of your ex out of your mind right now. Your ex is doing what he wants to do, and you must do the same for yourself. Try to enjoy the fact that you are single again.

You are free to do just as you please so take advantage of this and get back into the social world again. Go with the flow and let your friends help you to get over your break up. Have fun with them and become a whole person again.

The time will come when your ex has had enough time to think things over and decide what he/she wants to do. If you still have the same deep feelings for your ex as you do now, then go ahead and do something about getting your ex back. You're free to do as you please so it's your choice.

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