I Don't Fancy My Wife Anymore: I Don't Find My Wife Sexually Attractive Anymore

Marriage may just be the most complex, challenging and (sometimes) rewarding thing you can get yourself involved in. What it takes to be successful in a marriage involves engaging many levels of your being at once: there are the financial, sexual, friendship, parental, and householder levels, for example. Some married couples even go into business together - how do they do it?

And, there is no one, single formula for creating marital success. What works for one couple may not work for another. The reason for this is pretty easy to figure out: every person on the planet has a slightly different set of needs and a unique personality. Combine that with the fact that a marriage requires TWO of these unique individuals to co-exist together every day - and you will see why it can be so hard to make any marriage work.

You may have noticed that your marriage has not been going so well lately. In fact, you may even have concluded that things have gotten so bad that it may be time for you to call it quits and leave your wife. This would be a shame, of course, given all that you have been through together.

If you are considering leaving your wife, here are 5 signs that it may be time for you to go:

1. She almost always acts in an antagonistic way toward you:

When you find that your wife seems to always be rubbing you the wrong way on purpose - trying to start fights or being rude to you for no obvious reason - it is clear that she harbors a lot of anger toward you. If you believe she will never get over being angry at you, it could be time to end the marriage

2. Your wife has threatened to leave you on more than one occasion:

Of course, if your wife has said more than once that she wants to leave you, you should take her at her word. Do not assume it is just an empty threat. She may want to leave you but doesn't have the guts to do so - she may want you to make the first move.

3. You suspect that she may already be cheating on you with someone else:

Of course, any indication that your wife is currently cheating on you may well be automatic cause for leaving her.

4. Your wife seems to resent you or always feels competitive with you:

If you have noticed that, over the past few months or years, your wife seems to resent you all the time for some unspecified reason, she may hold deep feelings of negativity toward you that could be hard to resolve. It could be best to just leave.

5. You have evidence that she has deceived you on one or more occasions:

When a person lies to or deceives another person repeatedly, this does not make for a healthy and lasting relationship.

It is important to note that none of these signs by themselves - or even all five of them together - mean that you should leave your wife. Ultimately, you will need to pay attention to your heart and your intuition in order to figure out the truth about what is best for both of you.

If you believe that love between you is still in there somewhere, it may not at all be too late to try to save your marriage.

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Research reveals that one in every two marriages is bound to fail. This is such a sad reality in life, and that is why it is very important that we understand the reasons that causes these marriages to fail so we would know how to handle our own relationship issues and prevent our marriage from failing. Here are the top five reasons why marriages are falling apart.

Lack of Trust

The number one reason why marriages are falling apart is the lack of trust on each other. You cannot stay in a relationship with your partner if you do not trust him at all. Therefore, if you want your marriage to be successful, you must trust your partner at all times, and in return, you should work hard to win his trust.

Financial Issues

One of the things that couples would always fight about is money. Some people would hate to admit it, but money definitely makes a big difference and sad as it may seem, this is one of the causes of marriage failure. Therefore, make sure that before you tie the knot, you open-up with your partner about issues regarding money.

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Marrying Too Soon

Although age won't matter when it comes to marriage, maturity matters a lot. One of the reasons why young couples end up divorcing is simply because of their bad decisions to tie the knot even though they are not yet mature enough to handle responsibilities on marriage. So before you decide to marry, you must think real hard about it to make sure that you are marrying the right person for you.

Infidelity Issues

Infidelity is also on the lead as being one of the reasons for a marriage failure. Although men are the ones who are often prone to be unfaithful to their wives, a lot of women these days are also becoming unfaithful to their partners. The number one solution to this is to spend more time with your husband so he won't end up looking for your presence on someone else's hands.

Misunderstandings with In-laws

This is a common problem for couples whose parents would love to meddle on the marriages of their children. There is nothing wrong with asking for advices from your parents but do not allow them to rule your marriage so you will not end up offending your partner. You and your husband must work hand in hand to solve issues and do not allow both your parents to interfere because this will just make things worse.

If the time comes that you and your husband is faced with any of the issues above, make sure that you first look for ways to solve the problem before you decide to divorce. Do not be in haste to divorce especially if you've got kids who will be affected with the failure of your marriage. Talk to each other and be willing to sort things out with your husband to resolve whatever your problem is.

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Many men feel trapped in a loveless marriage, and find themselves asking "will my wife ever love me again?" Is that you? If so, you are certainly not alone. It can be possible to revive the love in your marriage and have your wife again showing affection and enjoying being married to you.

Don't think that it necessarily will be easy, though. Depending on where you two are in your relationship this could take time, persistence and effort on your part.

I wish there was a cut and dried answer to your question, will my wife ever love me again, and I want that answer to be "yes". But before we can find that out, here are some steps for to take right now to help evaluate where your marriage stands currently.

Step 1.
Ask yourself whether your wife has ever directly told you she does not love you anymore or given any indication that she does not love you. Did she mention or hint at divorce? Is there a lack of physical intimacy in your marriage? Or is it just your perception that she does not love you?

That is what you want to determine first, because it could be other issues that are bogging her down in life, distracting her mentally or emotionally. While men are usually accused of being the poor communicators, it is wrong to think that a women will not bottle up her problems resulting in a cold and distant marriage relationship.

Step 2.
Regardless of your answers in step 1 above the reality is that you still love your wife and want her to love you in return. The next thing you need to understand is that this situation probably did not happen overnight. It was a process that started downhill and likely gathered momentum in a way similar to a snowball.

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Chances are, communication between the two of you started breaking down, then became less and less. At some point, you will need to reopen and reinvigorate that line of communication.

It is important to understand and remember that just as the demise of your relationship did not happen overnight, the repair likely will not either. Be patient and do not rush her.

Step 3.
Next, you want to comply with any wishes your wife has made so far. If she has told you she just needs some time or needs some space, then take that as reality and provide it.

What you do not want to do is give her a deadline for the "time"; tell her you cannot provide "space" or start whining, whimpering or being "clingy" or "needy". You are both grown adults and you want to act like one.

Step back from her if that is what she requests, but always maintain manners, politeness and common courtesy. Do NOTHING that would make her not want to be around you.

In fact, now is a good time to run through the list of things you are supposed to be doing and make sure you ARE doing them - picking up after yourself, cleaning up the bathroom, maintaining the "honey do" list around the house, etc.

After a while we hope she will miss you and realize that she really does not want to be rid of you.

Step 4.
Do what you would do if you were trying to court her in the first place. Improve your physical appearance; eat right, exercise (maybe work out a little) and always dress like you care who sees you.

As these steps start to take hold, you should see some opportunities to increase the communication between you little by little. Perhaps she will reveal what is really bothering her and then we can address it.

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Your wife wants out of the marriage. She's told you as much. She's not happy and perhaps she's gone as far as to tell you she doesn't love you anymore. All you can envision is a future that is filled with empty days and unfulfilled dreams. You love her and separating from her is the last thing you want. Saving your family is your goal but is it even possible given the way she feels? It actually is. Relationships on the edge of falling apart forever are saved everyday. You must understand the right approach to take if you hope to draw your wife back in so you can rekindle the lost love again.

When your wife wants out of the marriage and you want her to stay, it's inevitable that there's going to be a conflict. It's human nature to hold onto something as tightly as you can when you feel it's slipping away. Such is the case with relationships too. You know she wants to leave you so in your mind if you let her walk out that door, all chance of her coming back will be gone. That's not necessarily true at all. In fact, letting her go may actually be the key to getting her back.

A couple at odds with each other will find it hard to reach a peaceful resolution if they're constantly bickering. If your wife has her heart set on separating from you and you continually tell her you won't allow that to happen, she's going to retreat into herself emotionally and shut down. She will stop talking to you and your marriage will become a shell of what it used to be. She'll resent you for not listening to her and not respecting her needs.

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If your wife tells you she would like some time away from you and you actually agree that it would be a good thing, you're taking control of the situation from her in a very kind and considerate way. You're showing her that you acknowledge that she needs some time away from you and you're giving it to her. She'll appreciate this and it will be something she thinks about while you two are apart.

The way you manage your emotions during this time is critical. If you're overly emotional in the form of crying or becoming increasingly frustrated with her, she'll feel justified in her decision to end the marriage. However, if you're friendly, supportive and compassionate, she'll start to see the best in you again.

Consider giving your wife the time and distance she needs to sort through what she's feeling. Although she may genuinely feel that she wants out of the marriage right now, some time apart will give her a new and fresh perspective. Trying desperately to hold onto her won't get her to love you again. Showing her that you only want what's best for her will.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

You don't have to worry about whether your spouse is on the brink of asking you for a divorce. You can control the situation and use specific techniques to naturally make them fall hopelessly in love with you.

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