I Cheated On My Girlfriend and She Broke Up With Me: I Cheated On My Girlfriend How Do I Fix It

So you're a man who has cheated on your girlfriend, she left you, and you want to get her back. By now, you should have ended the affair and cut your ex-lover out of your life completely. You have sincerely apologized to your ex-girlfriend, and she is willing to give you a second chance.

You've hurt her, badly. Cheating on her was a betrayal of her trust, a blow to her self-esteem, and a threat to her relationship and her hopes and dreams for the future. Now, to win back her love, you have to pay for your crimes-to "serve your time", so to speak. Words aren't enough-only actions will make up for what you did.

Ask her what you need to do to make up for the affair. Be willing to do whatever it takes to win her back.

To be able to trust you again and to forgive your infidelity, your girlfriend will require you prove again and again that you love her, are committed to the relationship, and are trustworthy. She probably won't come out and say this-may not, in fact, even be aware she's doing it-but this is what is going on. It will take the form of tests, limits, and requirements.

Be Sensitive to Her Suffering

Unlike men, women talk about their feelings-a lot. While recovering from the affair, your girlfriend will probably talk quite a bit about how she feels. She isn't doing this to make you feel guilty or to punish you (well, not intentionally), but rather to vent her emotions, to communicate to you just how much you have angered and hurt her.

Let her talk, listen to her, and be patient. Don't try to defend yourself or shift the blame. Be willing to apologize again and again. Expect tears, and be prepared to comfort her. Remember, she's testing you to see if you're really sorry, really care, and really love her. You should be past the worst of it in a few months, but be prepared to do this repeatedly over the years.

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Let Her Keep Tabs on You

The next most common form of penance your girlfriend will require is a limit on your freedom and privacy-after all, you've already abused it once. Your girlfriend will want to know where you are, what you're doing, and who you're with at all times.

Tell her. Let her check up on you. If she wants to see your cell phone's call list and text messages, Instant Message logs, or email account, let her. You've got nothing to hide. Remember, she is checking to see if she can trust you again-so give her all the proof she needs. Eventually, she'll check up on you less and less, and then stop altogether.

Don't Push for Sex

Another common form of penance your girlfriend may require of you is cutting off your access to her body. Sex is about intimacy and pleasure, but also trust-and infidelity is a betrayal of trust.

This is another test. Your girlfriend is nonverbally saying, "Prove to me you really love me, and are not just after sex."

Be patient with her. It will take a while before she trusts and loves enough to sleep with you again. Never demand sex. You can suggest sex, but if she rejects you, don't push the issue. That way, when she finally does chose to make love to you, you'll know that you've taken a huge step toward recovering her trust, rebuilding the love, and being forgiven.

How long should you remain celibate? Several months, at least. If Valentine's Day comes and goes and she still won't have sex with you, you both need to reevaluate if the relationship will ever recover, and what to do if it won't.

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Getting an ex girlfriend to take you back can be a challenge to say the least. No one teaches you in high school or college how to repair a relationship or how to recreate attraction with an ex girlfriend to get her to take you back.

The only way to learn is to go through the experience yourself and hope you make the right decisions along the way. Unless of course you get some help from someone who's "been there and done that".

For most men, getting an ex girlfriend back is a trial and error process. However, this is a hit and miss strategy. Make the right decisions and you win her back. Make the wrong decisions and "KABOOM", the entire relationship blows up in your face never to be repaired again.

Breakups and relationships are vast, complex topics that sound easier to comprehend than they really are. I mean, getting a girlfriend back can't be that hard, can it? You wouldn't think so until you realize that many of the "right" things to do are also counter intuitive.

For example, a common method for getting an ex back is the concept of "avoid and ignore her to make her want you again". It seems counter intuitive, but it works.

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It's important to seek out the advice of an expert rather than relying on your good buddy, Joe, who will likely tell you something like, "There are plenty of fish in the sea and plenty of bears in the forest."

He means well, but what can you really do with that advice? Not much of anything. And, besides, you really only want ONE particular fish, right?

Relationships are always works in progress and getting an ex girlfriend to take you back is no different. Relationships take effort to start. They take effort to maintain, and they take time and effort to fix when they're broken. It's easy to take a girlfriend for granted when things are going great, and by the time we realize this it's often too late.

There is some good news though. Most relationships can be salvaged. Most people at least get a crack at repairing things. It's rare for two people to just split and never have another thought about it. But you have to learn to avoid all the small mistakes that can build up and lead to one devastating event.

The worst part is, these mistakes work slowly and tear your relationship apart behind the scenes. They're like a volcano that slowly builds pressure until a huge eruption occurs. If you've never gone through a breakup before, you won't even realize you're making them. What you think will bring your ex girlfriend back may actually be pushing her further away.

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So you broke up with your girl, but you find that each time you run into her, you remember all those good times you share and you miss her like crazy. You've realized that you've made a huge mistake and you want to get your ex girlfriend back. To do this, take a few tips of advice from a woman's perspective that will help you get your ex girlfriend back before you know it.

The main thing you need to do is to understand how a woman's mind works. She is an emotional and verbal creature and she falls very strongly for what she hears. And it is vitally important that she HEAR how you feel. Keep this in mind in your efforts to get your ex girlfriend back.

The first thing you need to do is update your look. Take care in your appearance and make sure you always look your best when you are out and about. Call her up and ask to meet with her, look your best, and pick a thoughtful place like her favorite restaurant, and she won't be able to resist.

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Never be too proud to apologize. She needs to hear that you are sorry for the things you have done in the past, and that you also understand her hurt feelings. This is something she desperately needs to hear if you want to get your ex girlfriend back. Be genuine in your delivery and she will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

You must also be honest with her. Don't pull the old "let's remain friends" jig, because you want more than that - you want to get your ex girlfriend back. Do not give her the wrong impression. Lay out how you feel from the get go, but don't be pushy. Tell her that try as you might, you just cannot get over her, that every time you see her, you fall in love with her all over again. Tell her that you remain single in hopes that she will forgive you and come back. You need to lay it all out there for her and let her choose where to take it.

Give her plenty of attention and move at her pace. Always verbalize your appreciation, love, and respect for her, and before you know it, you'll have your ex girlfriend back!

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When you were young, you were fascinated by the magician's ability to make things disappear and then come back. Let's think of you as a magician now: intentionally or not... you made your ex vanish from your life, and now it's high time you got him/her back.

Remember what the magician would do before returning the mysteriously disappeared object; distracting the public seemed to work every time. Now, apply that in your situation. You need something to make your mind go off the missing lover. You can easily do that by interacting with your very own public - your friends and your family. They are interested in your well being, therefore, if getting your ex back is what you really wish for, they will accept your will and help you accomplish it.

Go out. Explore. Make the best out of your time. Your friends will see to it that your ex gets the information.

Like the astonished child in the audience, your ex will start to wonder what is going on and make presuppositions. Let them deal with the stress of not having you around for a while. She/he has to get used to the idea of needing you next to her/him and eventually start to miss the comfort of a relationship with you. They will then enter the "craving" stage - when the kid wants the missing object, is tired of presuppositions and finally gives in.

Then, magician, it's the time you bring back what's missing and get your applause for that.

CAUTION: instead of finding ways to apply this trick on getting your ex back, try not to mess things a second time. The kid is growing up! Your lover may be getting tired of your trick and leave the stage for good. See to it that you have learned something from this separation and never make the same mistakes again.

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