I Broke Up With Him and He Said Ok: He Cut Me Off After Break Up

I am woman enough to admit that I broke up with my man. So, how do I get back my ex boyfriend, when I was the one who dumped him.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself and decide if you really want him back. You know why you did it, but was it reason enough for you to do it? Think about it and than act upon it, but only if it feels right to you. Here are some ways to get your man back.

Do not be shy about letting him know that you think about him on daily bases. Let him know how much you miss him. Send him a text or leave a message on his voice mail. Just a simple I love you or I miss you can help you score some points with him. Now it is true you broke it off with him, but he will still like to know that you still care.

Ask him if he is willing to talk to you so you can explain to him what it was that made you make the decision to call it off. Let him know if it was something personal that you were going through and at that time you just needed sometime to think things over.

What if he has moved on? Here's how to get him back.

When the time comes for you to meet him, make sure you are looking your best. Give him a reason to want you back. Once he see how beautiful you look, he can not help but to consider giving you a second chance. Every man wants a good looking woman, someone who cares about the way she looks.

Depending upon how long it has been since you broke up with him, give him some time to think about things. If he does not make any kind of attempt to call or get in touch with you, he may have decided to let you move on with your life. The best thing you can do is try to contact him if he does not want to talk about it let it go and move on.

Here are a few things for you to do while you are in the process of trying to get him back. Do not try to act like any one else, trying to be someone else will not do the trick. Let him know how you feel about him. What ever you do, make sure that this is what you really want. Ask yourself, how can I get back my ex back without making things worse.

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If you want to win your ex boyfriend back for life, then you should join the global ex girlfriends' club. Let's face it. A ton of girls the world over get extremely depressed after a breakup - so much so that they end up spending a lot of their time trying to figure out how they can get their ex boyfriends back into their arms. Well, thanks to text messaging, you can totally win your ex boyfriend back for life now.

That's right. If you can't stop thinking about how to win your ex boyfriend back for life, you can turn to text messages for help. You just have to ask yourself these questions first:

- What should your first text message after the breakup say?

- Should you open up to your ex and ask him for another chance straight up?

- Should you text him as many times as possible in order to get your message across and get what you want?

It may be true that texts can be used in various ways to get an ex back. However, you should also know that not all of these texts are actually successful. In fact, if you say one thing wrong, you could lose your ex for good and send him the other way. Is this want you want to happen?

What if your boyfriend already left you? Here's how to get him back.

So, before you actually do anything, you should reassess the situation first. Think about why you guys broke up and what he said to you afterwards, for example. No matter how badly you might want to get your ex back, you will still need to consider how he felt after the breakup, as well. If he told you that he needs time away, then don't pester him with text messages.

Ideally, all that you should really do right now is use texts to become your ex's friend again. In order to avoid texting him too much, spend more time with your relatives and friends and just keep busy, in general. Get a makeover. Start a new hobby. Go shopping. Staying away from him might actually make him curious and make him start texting you instead.

To recap, if you want to win your ex boyfriend back for life, you have to give in to his final wishes after the breakup and give him what he wants. This way, he can clear his head and figure out how he feels about you, and maybe even miss you a little bit.

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While you are in a relationship with someone you love, you are walking on cloud nine all the time. Life is absolutely fantastic, and nothing at all can change that - until that awful day when you and your partner have that major argument that brings everything crashing down at your feet. The relationship ends, and you are left feeling that it is impossible to get your ex back after all that has happened.

Now all of a sudden, you find that nothing at all can make you feel better. The love of your life is gone, and nothing seems worthwhile at all. Your friends and family rally around and do all they can to make you feel better, but nothing works. Without your ex at your side, you are nothing, and everything is impossible - your life will never be the same again - you want to get your ex back.

Let me make you feel a little better by telling you that there are millions of people the world over who have gone through what you are going through right now, so you are not alone. Also, the fact that many, many of them have managed to get through it unscathed as well as get their ex's back, should also be comforting to you.

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The one thing that most of these people did to succeed, and you should do as well, was to stay away from their exes, for a while at least. The only reason for this is to allow both of you to heal and get over all the trauma of the break up. Being in a failed relationship is devastating. It is not something that can be just brushed aside either, as your deepest feelings are involved - they have been hurt tremendously, and you need time to get over this.

So don't rush things - you have been dealt a crushing emotional blow, so allow yourself enough time to heal, please. Then, and only then, will you be able to function properly and go about trying to get your ex back without doing something stupid.

Get your ex back? Of course it's possible! Have patience, don't rush into things, and you have every chance to succeed and possibly get back together again.

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Does your ex avoid you? Does your ex tell you they are done with you? Has your ex already told you they do not love you anymore? Do you and your ex always argue? You see, if you are experiencing any of the above, and if you have gone through a breakup, then there are a few key things you need to examine if you want to get your ex back. Now, pay close attention to these things, because if you do not do these now, you will never be able to pull your ex back...

Become the person that your ex would actually want to be around- Take a good hard look at your life right now. It's probably pretty pathetic. You sit around secretly and openly stalking your ex, thinking about them all the time, get depressed, let yourself go, and avoid seeing people. Now maybe your situation isn't that bad, but I'm sure it could use a huge fixer-upper. What I mean by this, is you literally need to go back and look at every fight you ever had with your ex. What was being demanded of you, asked for etc... what was your ex always on your case about. What kinds of changes did you need to make, but you never did? Once you answer these, get busy and CHANGE so that you can actually be someone your ex would want to be with. More often than you, you simply have to become the person your ex fell in love with to begin with, which means that you just have to be your best self. Your ex does want the best for you, which is why they are giving you the ultimatum now, to either change or they will be gone forever, because that is basically what the breakup meant...that you had to get your act together.

Become extremely outgoing and upbeat- There is nothing better to top off everything, than to simply get your life together by becoming happy. What this will do to your ex, is it will literally drive him/her nuts to the point where they are literally stalking you to find out why you are suddenly so happy. You see, the point here, is that its a direct insult to your ex. Now, this kind of insulting is ok, because it drives your ex to want you more. So how is this insulting to your ex in the first place? Well, simply put, your ex will feel guilty that they didn't do enough to keep you happy, and your ex will feel like they were the one holding you back. That chip will sit on your ex's shoulder and make him/her try harder to please you, try harder to get your attention, and basically try harder to get you back, just to prove that they can still be a good lover.

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