I read an interesting article in the weekend papers and the article was discussing women who return to work very quickly after giving birth. The article profiled Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer who had her baby on 1 October and was back at work before the month was out. It also brought up the very high profile case of the former French Justice Minister Rachida Dati who famously returned to work after 5 days after having her baby through a c-section (and the article was keen to point out that she was back in heels!)

I’m always fascinated to read these stories and half of me cannot understand the rush (after having my son, the first 3 months are still a blur for me and I cannot recall what I did except just try and get through each sleep-deprived day) and the other half of me can understand the desire to get back especially when you are the CEO of a high profile company.

The problem is not that some women choose to return quickly or that some women decide to take time out, the challenge is that we need to change our measure of success because do you know what? Yes, women have babies…without us, there would be no future generations so can we please stop beating that drum? It frustrates me to read articles where having babies is portrayed as an inconvenience because it is one of the most wonderful things I have ever done and a lot of parents would agree (I also know a lot of others would disagree and that’s ok!)

The answer for me is to create a business and a lifestyle that helps us to balance our priorities – a lifestyle that allows us to be with our children or loved ones and also satisfy our own desires for financial stability, express our creativity and use our talents and skills. For me, I can do that through my business so my question for you today is….does your business allow you to do this? If it doesn’t, do you have the right support to get you there?

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