What is the Hypnotic MLM?

Have you ever think about the success? Have you found this reason what is stand behind the Progression? How the process is happen and what is the background? Everyone can be successful or it is a privilege?

I gotta tell you, the Success is not privilege. This is natural process. In your hands, not in your enviroment. Starts in your mind, and appears in the World. All starts with an idea. The thougths associated with feeling, and decisions then act and begins from the front. This is Constant cycle.

When you started to work in your business, it happened. received an information about a business. You thought and felt something. Decision was taken. – Yes! Great! It’s my Business !- You started on the road. Mountains of success and valleys of failures. Experienced. Yes and No.
Where are you now? Mountains or valleys? How do you feel? If you look at the mirror, who do you see? Who are you in your business?
Three major aspects of business building
1. Products/ Services, Company
2. Costumers/Clients
3. You
Pillars, that you can build on. Focus these pillars, and see clearly.

1. Products/Services/Company

Do you know the history of Company? Examine the current position, and ask: What are her goals for the future? It is just as important as the „Human Target”. It helps to plan.
Do you know the all products, services? Use them in daily basis? Do you like the products/Services? Energize? Can you enthusiastic about it?

Looking behind the surface!

The products or services which meet a special need? What are her values? What gives extras? What is her niche market? How to help your customer to the product?
This may be the perception of value, Summary of product experience a multitude of medical
consultation, home delivery, money back guaranted, but we can think more in depth on this topic:
The Company or products What is the extra experiencing the development your life? What’s provides you?

2. The second pillars is the Costumer/Client.
Who is the Ideal costumers? How old, what areas of his life those which associate with your products? The client issues need examination twice to recognizes the "expectations" from your perspective and discover the demands, which want to the customer.
Do you remember the Costant Cycle? Thought and feeling - decision – act - Thought /feeling. etc.
Now put yourself into you "Ideal customer" personally. What would does like to claim this people what her expectations can be the product / service and you?
Take a paper and pen and write it down!

3. The third pillars is You are.

You are the center of the inner motivation understanding, and increase the goal-orientation and self-knowledge.
What is the value that you represent? What remains to be realized in your soul?
Why working, what is your goal ? What successes would you like to achieve? What does mean the success to you? Are you ready to the Success? Have you got internal fears? Do You
agree that you deserve the good one? When you look at the mirrorin the morning, who do you see? Your mirror image does smiling?

The hypnotic MLM helps to find your interior source, able to be the Present at the moment.

Serve and grow rich! This is the final goal of the Hypnotic MLM.

Author's Bio: 

Certified hypnotherapist, holistic business coach