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Just recently I went on a three day cruise with my wife to attend her high school reunion. While there I talked with many people about hypnotherapy, and analyzed many of the attendees handwriting. Everyone enjoyed the analyses and a great time was had by all.

One of the attendees had suffered a stroke some 5 to 6 years ago and had lost all feeling and movement in her right arm and leg. She had felt during the handwriting analysis that there was a connection made with me and she wondered if hypnotherapy may help her to regain feeling and use of her non-functioning limbs.

I thought about this and said that there would be no harm in trying, particularly if she was willing to do so with the understanding that if there were no positive results that she would not think that hypnotherapy was useless hokus pokus. She was willing to accept these terms.

I thought that there may be some positive result, and that I needed to see if there was any improvement in her condition while she was in hypnosis. I needed to determine if there was a real physical cause (obviously there was) and if the subconscious was able to find a way to move the limbs as well as restore feeling.

I have had clients who complained of various tics in various places on their bodies, and, when in hypnosis I instructed them to create their tics and then stop their tics. In each case they were able to do this, so once they had realized that they had control over the tics, the tics went away and were no longer a problem for them. I felt that this same principle may work for the stroke victim, but in all honesty, never having tried this before I was uncertain as to the outcome.

In any event, she came to visit me in my cabin and I set about hypnotizing her after gaining a more detailed background as to her condition.

While in hypnosis I asked her to attempt to move her limbs and to visualize this occurring. At one point she had tears in her eyes as it was clear to me that she could see and feel herself moving her limbs, and that these were tears of joy as she truly believed her limbs were moving.

In reality, when I asked her to move her arm, it moved, but, only a fraction of an inch, and then rather than go up and down, she did move her arm backwards and forwards. The same with her leg. I felt that this was an excellent start, and, so did she.

Most importantly, when she came out of hypnosis, she said that for the first time in years she actually felt part of her arm, and was extremely amazed at this small success. Unfortunately the feeling did not last for long, but, we felt that there was hope.

She felt excited and wanted to explore hypnotherapy further, with the clear understanding that in the end she may be physically no better off than she currently was.

It is my understanding that when a stroke occurs pathways that were used by the brain to create the movements we need to make are damaged and thus the movement ceases.

It is my belief that the subconscious has learned to move our bodies and sends the signals to the brain to have the movements occur, and so we walk, talk, tie our shoelaces, write, eat all without any conscious thought.

Using this as a basis, I instructed the sub conscious to now attempt to find new pathways within the brain to accomplish the movements that until now were not possible. I also wanted to wait a week or two to see if the subconscious had made any progress with this task. As yet the two weeks have yet to pass, but, we are meeting again to see if there has been any progress.

If the subconscious is able to find a new pathway, she could well gain movement and/or sensation again. If this occurs, then stroke victims all over the world could well have significant new hope.

I recognize that this may be “pie in the sky” thinking, but the client and I are excited at the prospect of it working and realistic in our understanding if it does not.

We shall see, and I will keep you informed.

Post Script

Two weeks have now passed and I have had a second visit with this client. I am happy to report that there has been significant improvement in her functioning since I last saw her. In addition to this, five days after my second visit, she called me to say that she still has feeling in her arm which, unlike the first session, is not diminishing.

Both the client and I are extremely encouraged by these results and the therapy is ongoing.
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