Husband Adamant About Divorce: If I Give My Husband Some Time Space Will He Call Off The Divorce

There are two types of people on this earth: the eternally hopeless and the perennially hopeful. When it concerns a failing marriage, the first group gives up before even trying; while the person in the second group is a born fighter - he tries to save the situation till the last. If you are trying to save your marriage and belong to the eternally 'hopeless' category of people, any thing you do to save your marriage would eventually fail, because you pre-empted its failure right from the start. However, if you are a determined and optimistic soul, you can actually retrieve what looks like a dead marriage.

It might take a while but with sincere efforts and a genuine desire to make the relationship work, you can achieve your desired objective. Here is how:

o Never underestimate the power of communication as it can resolve several inter-personal conflicts both at home and at work. Obviously there is a host of unresolved issues affecting your marriage. As a first step to save your marriage, why not have an open and frank chat with your spouse and express your concern. More than anything else, it immediately proves that you are keen to save the situation rather than precipitate a crisis.

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o If your spouse has communicated the specific areas of conflict in the marriage and many such issues are related to your behavior and attitudes, make a note of these and make genuine efforts to correct them if you sincerely want to save your marriage. Before starting the blame game, you need to clean your stable first.

o Inject some fresh air into the relationship. Sometimes relationships get stale, claustrophobic and overtly predictable. That is the time when couples start to fight. Invite friends and people who are light-hearted and spend some fun moments together. Such pleasant diversions and interventions can do wonders to lighten the moods and ease the tension. The more chances you have to laugh together, the lesser the tension in the relationship.

Essentially the job to save your marriage can be as difficult or easy as you make it out to be. However the best strategy here is to remain as simple and uncomplicated as possible. Remain frank and open to your spouse and your transparency is a sign of your innocence - an asset which your spouse would always admire, no matter what. Marriages are destined to go through more rough patches than smooth highways. But the trick is to handle the situation with maturity, patience, understanding and grace. Remember, what takes years to build can be destroyed in a matter of minutes. Let not your whims destroy your marriage when you can save it from destruction with love and dedication.

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Saving a marriage is the desire of many couples who have found themselves in a relationship that has deteriorated. Still there are many problems; the relationship may only need some proper guidance to get back on the right way. You should bring affection, understanding and friendliness to get the love back into your life!

Marriage is not just only a word. What do you do when your marriage is starting to fall downward, when everything you want is slowly slipping away?

Initially yours was one of the sweetest and the happiest relationships of the world. Attraction is still there as well as the eagerness and the excitement of being in love. But when the dream breaks and lovers fall back on earth, they will quickly understand that what they have expected from the relation is actually not there. But it's always important to try to regenerate lost love.

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You need to have a long discussion -----

1. No yelling -- Yelling is not conducive to solving your problem. It does nothing but angers your spouse and cause negative emotions to escalate so avoid it at all costs.

2. Stick to the issues -- Don't pull things in from years ago that have already been settled. If your spouse cheated on you few years ago, but you've forgiven them and they haven't touched another person since, don't drag that into the battle. Leave the past alone and work on the present and the future.

3. Time yourselves -- A number of people tend to be so passionate that they don't let their partner get a word in sideways. Bring an egg timer along and give yourself a specific amount of time to talk.

If you are able to follow above principles, you can have a discussion and get down to what is really making the foundation of the marriage crack.

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If you feel like your relationship and marriage to the person you love is just spinning out of control and you feel like there is no where for it to go but down, there really is hope for you no matter what. It doesn't matter how bad things seem or how much you are fighting or about what, just that you are both willing to try and work out whatever problems you currently have. The most important thing is that both people recognize that there are problems and are willing to try to work them out.

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One great way to start really getting down to what is getting between the two of you is to communicate how you feel about each other and what you can do to make things a little bit better when it comes to your relationship. Also discuss in detail what you expect from your spouse and the relationship itself. These are sometimes questions that couples do not ask each other because of a fear of discovering a painful truth and having to work through it together.

Putting your marriage back together will definitely be a challenge, but it's something you can do together that will ultimately bring you closer together. Hopefully in the end you will have realized how much you mean to each other and why you first got married, another thing that couples often lose sight of from years of fighting and arguing, which will only make a marriage more miserable and difficult to keep alive.

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There are plenty of tips available online on how to save your marriage. The problem is most of us are unable to get to the root of our marriage problems. You will have a better chance of making your marriage work if you know how to communicate on the right footing and know where you need to go from there. Without these, you will have difficulty finding ways to save your marriage and stop your divorce.

You need to retrace your steps!

Once upon a time, you and your spouse were the perfect couple. You spend hours together doing things both of you like and enjoy. You were able to handle any disagreements easily and calmly. Sadly something must have happened in your marriage and landed it in such a situation. You need to retrace your steps and pin point the time when things started to go wrong. You need to talk and sit down with your spouse. Sort things out and start identifying the causes of your marriage problems.

Spend quality time together regularly!

If a couple do not pay enough attention to each other, there is a high chance the marriage will fall apart. Put aside one evening a week to be alone with your spouse. Go and do things that you both enjoy. Go and try new things. Do not talk about the children, about work problems or money problems. Make this time together sacred. Use the time together to discuss about your dreams, your thoughts and your expectations.

You must make a decision on what you want!

You must have a clear goal on what about the marriage that you do not want to lose. You need to figure out the following:

- Are you looking for more physical intimacy or emotional intimacy?

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- Are you looking to get back the kind of respect and love you both had when you first got married?

- Are you looking towards spending more time together?

- Are you looking towards a better and more open communication?

- Are you looking for more honestly and transparency in the marriage?

Be willing to compromise!

If you and your spouse are constantly arguing over the same issues, then you know that something has to change. Sit down together. Make it clear that both of you will have to give a little. Identify a problem that needs your immediate attention. Talk it over and come up with a potential solution. Work towards resolving the problem for a few weeks. After that, work on the next problem.

You need to remember that both of you have your own individual habits and traits. Habits will not go away. Both you and your partner need to come up with an agreement to either ignore those little things that are annoying or are they worth ending a marriage.

You need to plan your course of action. You just cannot save your marriage without proper thought and planning. Do not be afraid to ask for help. Whatever it is, there are no problems that cannot be solved. You and your spouse need to have an honest and open communication. Most importantly, both of you know that the marriage is worth saving!

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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