The concept of a human soul in Kabbalah is complex and many-sided. First of all, according to kabbalistic doctrines there are actually 3 souls, and every one of us is an individual whose souls are unique.

The first soul is called Nefesh. Its essence is nature. Nefesh puts life into the human body. It is essential for human's physical well-being and health. It supports the body by nourishing it with the energy of life. It also is responsible for the individual's personality and character traits.

Ruah - the second soul - is the spirit of the individual. In Kabbalah, it is considered to be the source of enlightenment, universal intellect and knowledge. It helps us exceed our humble human existence based on animal instincts and desires and use our mind to take actions and control our future. According to Kabbalah, Ruah also helps us understand the difference between good and evil, and choose our path to light or darkness.

Neshamah is the most spiritual of all souls. It is the holy, divine essence that is present in every one of us. It connects us with the heavenly world and helps us understand that God exists. In Kabbalah, all three souls function differently, and while all of them are present in every individual, only one of them functions constantly - Nefesh. Ruah and Neshamah require some time and effort to be awakened. You need to see beyond your mundane existence and feel the divine spark inside of you in order to experience your Ruah and Neshamah. That is why what most kabbalists and mystics are constantly striving for is achieving spiritual enlightenment and managing to communicate with their divine essence, or better to say with their infinite divine soul.

According to Kabbalah, after death all three souls have different destinies. Nefesh lingers and stays closer to the place where the body is buried for some time. Ruah can be punished for sins and bad actions, or can be brought to paradise and rewarded for good deeds if it deserves it. Neshamah joins God in God's harmonious and infinite reality.

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