Love is the key ... the harmonic resonance ... open the door and see... behind all things ... is only love. I am, as all are. We are creator light beings in an amazing unveiling of our own story. In order for us to be 3rd dimensional beings we had to forget. We chose to experience this dualistic existence knowing we would never REALLY forget, for we understood our true nature was only a vibration away.

As children we come into this world remembering. Do we remember the innocence of being completely and totally happy and content? It's much like being in love. Have we seen ourselves in love? Do we know what we feel like when we are in a complete state of bliss? Do we remember being carefree, with a quiet mind, absent of judgment, with an unbounded freedom and reverberating love from the very core of our being. As the sun radiates warmth, so does our capacity to love all that is, eternally. Our fellow man, ourselves, nature and the universe all benefit from the single point of our own personal vibration of love.

Do we allow ourselves to feel the love of all the things coming to us? Are we aware of the loving resonance of everything around us? To complete this sacred circle, we must be able to receive love as well as give love. Like a fish swimming in the cool ocean waters, they can become unaware of the water's presence as we have become unaware of the love that surrounds us. As we become more aware of the love around us, it completes the cycle of our own self-perpetuating joy.

As we feel the harmony of love returning from all that exists in the world around us, an ancient healing is activated. This is the beginning of the end of our period of duality.
When we surrender to love, we have compassion for the side of ourselves that was never content. No longer are we searching for external validation of our internal self-worth.
In a state of love, the mind becomes quiet as we integrate unconditional love and acceptance from a greater source. By doing this we embrace our greatest potential.

As we prepare for 2012, our spiritual journey is a personal one. Love is an agreement with ourselves to appreciate, validate, accept and support who we are in this now moment: to appreciate our uniqueness. The path we have chosen is different from anyone else's but it will take all of us to the 5th dimension and beyond.

As we begin to realize our 5th dimensional family we remember our love origins through source. We recognize people who love themselves as they come across in a very affectionate, generous and kind manner. They express their self-confidence through humility, forgiveness and inclusiveness. In this expression of love, passion, growth, confidence, service, and co-creation materialize right before our eyes. Miracles and magic abound. Our vision changes when we see love in all and we find ourselves making a commitment to remain in this state for eternity.

As love is freedom from all egoistic thinking there are many signs, which are easy to recognize. Bursting into dance, singing joy-filled songs and playful goofiness, are common occurrences of love spilling outward. The frequency of big smiles, soft touches and hugs are physical expressions that may be new to some. Your warm, generous, and peaceful quiet nature will attract others of similar vibration to you.

We can create this experience for ourselves by taking these qualities of peace, appreciation, harmony, joy, abundance, freedom, compassion, forgiveness, and love; and meditating on them. By doing so they are magnetized into our aura and drawn into our lives. What will you do with your sacred love? How will you express it in the days to come? How would tomorrow look if everything you did was an act of self-love? Radiate the vibration you wish to see in the world, as these are the rungs to our ascension into The Golden Age.

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We are Twin Flames, Erica and Dwaine and we bring a simple and grounded approach to spiritual enlightenment. We have started the Human Harmonics Project which is a movement of people doing their part to change the emotional state of the world from a fear based reality to one of light and love. We have dedicated ourselves to this mission, leaving full-time professions of 25 years (Erica worked as a Psychotherapist and Dwaine as a Hypnotherapist).

Through co-creating with musicians and artists throughout the world we create videos (, T.V. and Radio shows (live and archived shows) and we our 1st book called "Value Your Vibration" is available at . The Human Harmonics Project is world-wide human co-creation.

On our website ( we are creating and implementing effective ways people can easily change their emotional state from fear to love to manifest their own Utopian life's Project. We have courses, speaking engagements, workshops, and personal sessions to assist people in the process of emotional alchemy (moving from fear to love based reality). All we ARE is LOVE and we are all ONE.

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