A bed is a one of the most important items of furniture that any and every one requires. Ever since ancient times and since the very beginning of our journey on earth, a bed has been important to human beings. Long ago people used to neatly, comfortably and deliberately arrange hay and grass into a primitive and comfortable mattresses. We have come a long way since these ancient times. These days we have a wide variety of quality beds to choose from. One can literally choose an electric adjustable mattress with temperature control options. This article shall briefly describe why it’s always been important to sleep in our beds.

The main reason why a bed is very important is because we spend a great amount of time on them doing many things especially sleeping. Sleeping is very important for the health and wellbeing of all human beings. It is an essential part of our day where we rejuvenate our bodies and minds. It is widely recommended that we all sleep a minimum of eight hours every night or at some point during the twenty four hours of the day. The human mind is a very powerful machine that needs to rest. The human mind has created technologies that have allowed us to travel to the moon and back. It has also created technologies that allow us to communicate in speeds of less than a second to other individuals all over the world. Our minds are truly remarkable and it is true to say that we can conquer anything when we put our minds to it. The best ways to keep our minds healthy and focused is to get adequate amounts of sleep. When we sleep our brains are still surprising very much awake and very busy. As we rest, our conscious mind goes to sleep, however, our other mind known as our subconscious mind is a giant that never sleeps. It is ever busy and ever performing essential tasks. As we sleep our brain forges memories and new connections. Animals with smaller brains, such as a giraffes, do not require a lot of sleep

It is true to say that a better you begins with a better night. There have been many scientific studies that agree that sleep plays a housekeeping role that removes toxins in your brain that build up while you are awake. Whether you are a surgeon who has to perform a delicate heart transplant that will keep you focused and busy in the surgery for hours on end or whether you are a long distance runner who will be taking part in a grueling competition the next day; resting is one of the most important activities that you have to manage in order to ensure that you perform at your best.

In conclusion, you should also make the habit of making enough time to rest in your bed. It is healthy for you in many different ways. As the wise and intelligent Benjamin Franklin remarked “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

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