Every color on the visible light spectrum has a different frequency. It's no coincidence that rainbows always appear to us in the order of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. It is a scientific fact that each color vibrates, or exists with a different energy.

As color is everywhere, we take for granted the effect it has on our lives. But just because we are not aware does not mean that we are not influenced by the powerful energies each color has.

The use of color with specific intent has been used for centuries - but at no time more than now. Advertising agencies are masters of using color to get what they want. What is the color associated with coke? Red. And McDonalds? Yellow. It's no coincidence they have been branded this way. Each aspect of their promotional efforts and public image are carefully crafted so that they receive the best response.

Tests have shown that painting the walls of prisons in neutral and passive light-brown colors lowers the level of aggression. Just as painting hospital walls green promotes natural healing. Many office buildings have bright feature color walls or artwork to promote creative inspiration and general energy levels.

But you are not only affected by the colors you look at. What you wear also has great influence. The energy is absorbed by your being, and you somewhat exist as the perception people have of you. If you wore a bright yellow shirt to the shops, it says to the world you are happy, bright and confident, and that is how you would feel.

But the energy of color is not limited to the physical. Spiritual practitioners use color when they are healing others and to create balance. When in meditation, simply imagining a specific color is all that is needed to feel its influence.

So whether you look at, wear, or imagine a specific color, you will absorb the unique energy of that color, which can specific effect on your mood and your actions.

Now think about your favorite color. Has it influenced the clothes that fill your cupboards and draws? What are the colors you feel most comfortable wearing? What do your bedspread, bath towels, wall hangings, decorations, and even you car have in common?

Take notice... because too much or too little of a specific color can affect you in more ways than you realize.

Red is considered the strongest color. It creates passion, strength and courage, while encouraging physical activity, creativity and warmth. Too much red can be overpowering and seen as aggressive.

Orange promotes interaction, communication and change. Internally this helps thoughtfulness and creativity and externally it assists with the courage to explore new territory or push your self further.

As yellow is close to orange, it shares some elements such as intellect, creativity, happiness and the power of persuasion. Alternatively the saying 'Yellow Belly' also associates it with cowardice. Listen for familiar sayings that are used in everyday speech as they give natural guidance to scientific findings.

Green is the color of healing, but can also be used to create money, luck, prosperity and vitality. The saying, 'Green with Envy' comes from having a lack of these things.

Blue is known as the color of spirituality, intuition, inspiration and inner peace, but can also be associated with sadness - as in, 'I've got the blues.'

Indigo is associated with insight and psychic ability. In healing, you can use indigo for relaxation, reassurance and promoting awareness.

As purple again approaches the frequency of red in the color spectrum, it is also associated with power. Whereas red aligns with the base chakra and connection to the Earth, purple aligns with the crown chakra and divine connection.

White is the color of protection and purity. Brides wear white as they stand before all family and friends. All religions have reference to 'white light'. White relates truth and healing. As it is a reflection of all colors combined, it is known as the opposite of black.

Gold represents understanding and luck, for if you possess gold, you must indeed be wise and fortunate.

Pink is best associated with unconditional love and a warm heart. As the baby sister of red, pink is both powerful and subtle at the same time.

Brown is the color of the earth and represents practicality, material success and concentration.

Black is the color of the night. It is actually the absence of all color that we see, and as such is associated with mystery and things that are hidden. While the visualization of black can create a deep peace while in meditation, it is the color paired with evil and the dark arts.

Only in meditation is it possible to surround and infuse yourself with a single color to effect each level of your being. In the real word we are under continual bombardment of an uncountable number of color variations and influences. But science and spiritualists agree, color is an important influence in the world.

Once you become aware of this power you can use it proactively and for positive effect. Experiment with colors in your life, and take note of how others use it - with and without their conscious knowing. Using different color meditation cushions can have significant influence over your experience, such as covering your cushion blue for better spiritual connection or green if you need healing. Also trying guided meditations that balance the color of your chakras can free blockages and create balance between your physical and spiritual aspects.

So, what does your favorite color say about you?

Author's Bio: 

Nigel Coates is a spiritual healer and author. As moderator of the Explore Meditation web resource, he has gathered MP3 guided meditations and meditation articles such as choosing the color of your meditation cushion for specific physical and spiritual effects.