The best lawyers know how to win any argument. However, so do the best parents, teachers and friends. How do they do it? If you don’t belong to this group of people, then perhaps it’s about time you learn how to stand up for yourself.

By teaching yourself how to win any argument, you are developing your own powers of persuasion and negotiation. Check out these tips on winning arguments!

Tip # 1: Use Their Beliefs Against Them.

It’s difficult to argue with people who already have a set of principles or beliefs they stand by. No amount of reasoning or debating will get them to budge. Unless, of course, if you choose to turn the tables on them.

For example, if your dad refuses to give you an allowance raise based on the fact that the economy is weak; you can say that since the economy is weak, all the more reason to circulate the money around and help local vendors make a buck.

Researching the specifics will also help a lot. After all, studies have shown that people react more positively when you’re able to provide credible sources.

Tip # 2: Get Your Opponent To Agree With You.

One effective way to win any argument is to get your opponent to agree with you on some level. Whether it’s the principle behind your argument or even if it’s just a simple example, you have to get a nod or a yes from the other person.

The reason behind this is that you want to get them to stop seeing you as the opponent. And once that person realizes that you two can agree on something, you’ll have a much higher chance of winning them over.

Tip # 3: Say “No” To Generalizations.

People are prone to making generalizations. In order to win any argument, you must learn to see through these and cite counter arguments as quickly as you can.

For example, when someone makes a statement that all homeless people can’t be trusted, be quick to say that not every homeless person out there has an ulterior motive. Provide proof or cite instances to support your counter argument, and his original statement is fried.

It’s not easy to learn how to win any argument. Sometimes, it’s not even about finding a way to counter an opponent’s statement but rather, having the confidence to challenge the other person. Believe that you have the power to win any argument, persuade anybody and negotiate your way through anything!

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