Fairy tales made it easy for people to tell if someone is lying to them through Pinnochio’s ever-growing nose. Every lie makes the wooden boy’s nose grow longer. Unfortunately, real life isn’t that easy. And frankly, spontaneously growing noses can be quite creepy when on a real human person. So, is there any way on how to tell if someone is lying to you?

Obviously, you can’t always subject people to undergo a lie detector test. Besides, telling a person to take the test lets them know that you don’t trust them. And of course, you need to tell if someone is lying to you without that person catching on to your motives.

So, what else is there? Lucky for you, there are other options to know if they’re telling the truth.

1) Unusual Nervousness

One of the reliable ways on how to tell if someone is lying to you is when they are unusually jittery. On a normal day, if you ask your husband where he was for the past three hours, he would then say that he was at work the whole day.

On a day that your husband ditches work for another woman, he would probably stutter or show signs of nervousness when answering your question. It could be sweaty palms, a slightly panicked face, or the way his eyes fail to meet yours.

If you ask him such a question while looking into his eyes, he’ll be more likely to blow his cover.

2) Too Many Gestures

Another proven way on how to tell if someone is lying to you is when they make too many gestures.

It could be as simple as scratching the back of the head or pulling at the nose. It’s these simple gestures that really give people away. Notice if your suspected liar would do these gestures many times over during the conversation.

3) Background Check

Unfortunately, not everybody can get nervous when lying. Some people try their best to appear nonchalant so they wouldn’t be suspected of any foul play.

When you’re dealing with someone very close to you, try doing a little background check. If your husband comes home unusually late with only work as an alibi, check his clothes when you’re certain that he’s asleep.

Look for any unusual marks or stains that could tell you where he really came from. If you smell his clothes, you might be able to pick out different scents - including his own, smoke, beer or maybe a woman’s perfume. If you’re good at conversations, you might be able to wiggle something out from his officemates or friends, without looking like you’re digging for answers.

Finally, intuition is important in learning how tell if someone is lying to you. If your instinct tells you that something’s not right, then you know it’s time to check for the truthfulness in their statements. Find a balance between your gut and your mind. You might be surprised at how much you’ll uncover with such a combination.

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