We live in the most intriguing decade of all times- the decade of online entrepreneurship. A decade that presents a tremendous amount of opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs from all walks of life, with an unprecedented zero barriers for the daring average person.

In a decade, where mergers resulting in layoffs and job insecurity have become the standard, more and more people are starting an online business in astronomically increasing numbers. More and more people are fed-up with being stuck in the rat race and going for their dreams with a great success rate and so can you.

The internet today is creating a new millionaire every minute of everyday, and the invitation is wide open to anyone that is equipped and fully-aware that we entered the age of speed, the age of delivering information in a stealthy and effective way. Those who adapt and can communicate and deliver the information effectively in the shortest time possible, will prosper beyond their wildest dreams. Those who don’t adapt will simply struggle.

There are simple factors and concepts that you must comprehend, see through and fully incorporate into the way you set-up your business and deliver your product. Fail to do this, and you will decrease your success rate. To better illustrate my point, I will reveal to you those success factors and concepts in a question format.

Question One

Why companies from the industrial age are struggling, while companies with early online presence are thriving?

The companies from the industrial age failed to adapt their business model to the information age early enough, although the evidence showed that people where starting to embrace the internet as a new way of communication

Question Two

What is the definition of a successful business transaction?

A business transaction is an exchange of value involving two willing parties, one called a seller who succeeded in COMMUNICATING his/her product effectively to convince the second party called a buyer to exchange money or other things of value, resulting in a successful business transaction.

Question Three

How many forms of communication are available today and what are they?

There several forms and variation of communication that any two people can utilize, but will always involve one or two of the human communication parts -eyes, ears, hands, and mouth.

•You can communicate with another person by sending a written communication in a form of a letter, an e-mail , a text message, a blog, a bulletin board, online chat, or a fax

•You can communicate visually with another person by meeting in person, sending a video or an agent.

•You can communicate in an auditory way by phone, tape, C.D, MP3, etc

If you were to take a look at the companies that are thriving today, you will find that there are internet companies with a revolutionary product or service that effectively provide more that one form of communication to conclude an exchange of value between two parties.

For example, Apple® is thriving today, because it keeps on creating more innovative ways for people to communicate(iphone), and therefore more business. Another would be the phenomenon of social networks that combines written, auditory and visual forms of communication for people to interact. Face Book® is less than two years old private company and is already valued at over 16 billion dollars.

In conclusion, if you want to start or own a successful business in this decade, you must deliver whatever information or product you have in a clear, effective, and speedy way that incorporate more than one form of communication, then an online business is the ideal answer to your prayer.

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Erfan Hettini is a lifelong entrepreneur; he started his first business while still in college. He’s currently a business consultant, a business coach, a movie producer, an award winning poet and the author of the powerful book 101 Reasons You Should Fire Your Employer & Start Your Own Business.
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