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Dating can sometimes be tedious especially when you have to weed through the masses. Of course your ultimate goal is to find that needle in the haystack. Here are 8 things that you should be looking for that signal this guy is a keeper.

1. A guy who really listens to you. Listening shows someone is really interested in you. Good communication is the key to a great relationship.
2. A guy who is intelligent. You and your partner should be evenly matched when it comes to intelligence.
3. A guy who shares your interests. There is a popular saying that “opposites attract,” but it is important to share some interests, especially in areas like recreational and social activities.
4. A guy who is romantic and affectionate. One of the ways to feel “emotionally” connected to your man is through touch.
5. A guy who cares about his personal appearance. Chances are if someone is sloppy about their personal appearance, that sloppiness will show up in other areas of life as well.
6. A guy with a stable career. A successful career means “safety” and “security,” especially for women who are seeking marriage. Money means many things to a woman: the luxury of being able to take time away from her own work or career when meeting the demands of raising a family, the security of a comfortable and safe retirement and a nice home.
7. A guy with a great sense of humor. Spend the rest of your life with someone who makes you laugh! He doesn’t have to be Robin Williams and put on a stand up act, but being able to see the funny side of life and not be too serious goes a long way toward future happiness.
8. A guy who has a good attitude. Seek out a partner who has an easy- going attitude. Avoid someone who is negative and always complaining. If you are always walking on eggshells around someone, you will soon be in constant pain.

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Marla Martenson is the best selling author of Excuse Me, Your Soul Mate Is Waiting and Good Date, Bad Date. She is a professional matchmaker and life coach.