Published: 8-21-08
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Why would you limit your thinking by settling for lack in any area of your life? Life is meant to be filled with all of the happiness, health, creativity, and riches you deserve just by focusing on what it is you deserve to happen in your life. Here are 12 affirmations you can practice daily.

“If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life. With confidence, you have won even before you have started.” - Marcus Garvey

Image all the things you want and dream about everyday. You can actually program your subconscious mind for the happiness, health, creativity, and riches that you deserve just by focusing on what it is you desire to happen.

What do you think about every day? Do you limit your thoughts with self-defeating beliefs and negative attitudes? Instead, entertain thoughts that are worthy of your natural birthright. Feed your mind continuous thoughts of wellness, enjoyment, prosperity, and accomplishment.

Start by daily reprogramming your Subconscious Mind to show you the behaviors that are necessary in expressing the ideal you. With a little practice you can develop any positive quality you wish. The more you practice positive behaviors, the more you become unique, confident, and enthusiastic.

Make a list of the qualities you now have that are positive and unique, and get rid of the ones that are negative and weaken your power to achieve what is best for you. In return, you influence others with your best self and attract the best in others to you. For example, some affirming thoughts for your mind to nurture may include:

1. I am thankful for what I now have. Gratitude brings its own reward.

2. I give cheerfully to others, not that I may receive; instead, know that giving is in direct proportion to building positive rewards for future success.

3. My enthusiasm is at a high level. Enthusiasm increases your self-confidence and self-reliance. Relying on others for your happiness diminishes your own self-worth.

4. I am willing to seek knowledge or help when I don't know the answer. Create a mental picture of what it is you wish to achieve and get the help you need to accomplish it.

5. My confidence to achieve is a definite purpose that keeps me growing. Having a definite purpose in life gives you something to strive toward.

6. I am rich according to what I am and not by what I have. Be thankful for what you have now and what is to come in the future.

7. Sharing information that helps others may change their life for the better. By giving to others, you earn respect, eliminate envy, and selflishness melts away.

8. I always give my best and expect nothing in return. Something good will return to me without asking.

9. I am consistently and persistently aware of my emotions, of my health and staying well, my behavior, and my beliefs, and my thoughts. That way, any negative thoughts can be removed immediately. Negativity repels instead of attracting.

10. My state of being and my individual choices in life are in harmony with what I wish to attract. You attract what you focus on most often.

11. Having a positive attitude shows in my earnings and my spending. I have no trouble paying my debts, and getting what I want. I put out positive energy so more prosperity can come my way.

12. I realize that wealth can be experienced when it is built on honesty and trust. Therefore, I will engage only in transactions that serve others with love, harmony, and a belief in them and in myself.

When you settle for lack and limit your thinking in any part of your life, you are depriving your very God given nature to not be all that you can be. Riches, health, happiness, and creativity is a mindset. When you focus your mind on these qualities of life, you create your own destiny.

Positive behaviors are effective, and life changing. Make your affirmations of happiness, wellness, achievement, and prosperity, now.

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